Prior Year Logs

Linked here are logs of roleplay that has taken place on Seven Spindles MUSH. If you are looking for logs from the current year, please visit the Current Logs page. If you are searching for logs from before the reboot, please visit the Seven Spindles Archive Site.

Title OOC Date Cast
Gold Cassiath's and Bronze Renth's Clutch Hatches January 30, 2015 P'wyn, Alorin, Florizel, Ophynn, Deimara
Morning Scavengers June 21, 2015 Eodarin, Shailaja
Why Care? July 05, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin
Ixtabith Clutches 2 Aug 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin, Ph'yn, Shailaja
Ilosth Clutches 16 August 2015 Chandi, Eodarin, K'llian, Ph'yn, Shailaja
You're Okay with This? August 29, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin
Ixtabith's Clutch Hatches Aug 30, 2015 Anzi, P'wyn, Shailaja, Shawn, Thenor (adoptable), Yh'val
Ilosth's clutch hatches! August 31, 2015 Anzi, P'wyn, Eodarin, Ariah, Yh'val,
What Brings You Here? September 08, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin, P'wyn, Shailaja
Can You See Me? WL #1 September 10, 2015 P'wyn, Eodarin, Shailaja
Learn to Multitask September 17, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin
Unmanned Flight is Easy! - WL #4 October 7, 2015 P'wyn, Sh'wn, Eodarin, Shailaja
Questions and What Ifs December 13, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin, Shailaja
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