Dragon Idaeth
Rank Weyrling
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Brownrider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate n/a
Model n/a

The sandy hair on this young man has been cropped short, at least for the most part. The left side has been allowed to grow a bit longer, with the locks kept tucked behind an ear. Thin brows curve above a set of pale green eyes that are just a bit squinted. His nose is straight, but rounded at the tip, making it somewhat short between rounded cheeks. He’s not a tall fellow, evening out around 5’5” with some obvious growing left to do. His lean figure has already begun to develop with hard work, muscle definition only just beginning to truly form.

A plain off-white tunic hangs off of his torso a bit loosely, with long sleeves that come to a halt at his wrists. The arms poke out of a brown leather vest, plain and functional. His pants are darker and durable, folding over the top of a pair of leather boots. Around his neck are a few woven fiber strands, a few small trinkets having been tied in with them. A shell, a piece of dried wood and a small chunk of bone. Each wrist is wrapped in two thin strips of leather cord, each with a few colored beads threaded through.


Born in the usual manner for children at the Weyr, Alorin has grown up with and among the other children, fostered and cared for by the nannies of High Reaches. He knows the name of his father, and his mother just a bit better, but there is little other tie to his actual birth parents. He was a considerate child, rarely in trouble with the caretakers although he had his share of run-ins with the cooks when there were sweetbreads to filch. When he was old enough, he was set to work in the stables with a few of the other boys, and there he’s remained.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Alaeri Mother High Reaches Weyrs Resident
M'rin Father High Reaches Weyrs Rider
Alairi Sister High Reaches Weyrs Resident


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