Dragon n/a
Rank n/a
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Nursery Worker
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Area
Birthdate Turn 737
Model Natalie Dormer

The woman is pale skinned, a testament to lineage hailing from within the colder climate. To offset this: her hair is a dark brown, tending towards darker shades in the colder months and a lighter in the months with more sunlight. Brown hair is long and wavy, resting just around her mid-back and often worn without restraint. Her face is heart-shaped, chin slightly protruding but her jawline is soft. Her nose is one of her more notable features, the tip of it slightly pointed upwards and giving it a bit of a buttoned look. Lips are another feature that draw attention, pursed outwards and giving them a bit more prominence over her nose. Her eyes are a pale blue that stand out against the dark locks of her hair. She is no lanky woman, full figured with prominent hips and a smaller waist.

She wears a loose fitting white tunic with the sleeves billowing rather than being cuffed. A tan leather vest, faded with age, is worn in addition to the tunic. The bottom of this vest is embroidered with an intricate pattern in white thread. She wears a flax skirt, a pale tan in color that is fitted around her waist. The fabric is loose from the waist down to allow for free and easy movement. It stops at her ankles, revealing simple looking boots that are scuffed and worn from Turns of use.


Cotholder Mirlek and his wife, Amala, were among many who struggled with bearing offspring. Most of their children that were birthed died before they could truly be named in the traditions of their cothold. A child would not be named before they could speak, and this tradition was followed for many generations and they were no different. Their final attempt at bearing a child came with success, and their little girl was named Amir. Her name came as a combination of both parents, another tradition that the cothold held firmly. Additional traditions that were followed was the production of flax for the use of creating fabric. Amir was raised with the intention of being married off to one of the neighboring cothold's sons, in hopes that she would provide a proper heir along with additional resources that often came with the merging of families.

She was doted on by her family, she grew up wanting for little and settled into her role as the obedient child who would follow the orders of her parents without question. She was happy to learn, and pleased with her role that she would fill for her family.

However, she followed the path that children often do: the ambitions of her parents' no longer matched her own desires that turned into ambition. She knew her role was to marry, to produce children, and to help the cothold. Yet, she did not care for it. She was still studious in her teachings, but came to grow bored. She spoke with her parents about joining a craft, to become an apprentice but the idea was rejected without consideration. She did not fight against the decision made, falling into obedient silence. Rather than indulging her idea, the decision was made that their extra funds would be used to transport Amir to one of the minor Holds nearby for study under the Harper posted there. She learned with the other families of the Hold, and it was enough to keep her from considering anything else for her life. She fell again into the role of obedient daughter, pleased with her position in life.

At the age of fifteen, a Turn before her intended marriage: her heart was swept away by a visiting Journeyman, who had the task of helping with the crops for a short period of time due to some struggles they were having with the production. It was a situation for him to learn and to help her family, but not without a price. Her lessons in the Hold stopped for that reason, and various others such as preparing her more readily for marriage. A marriage that she was expecting, but became increasingly reluctant to as she spoke with the Journeyman. The tryst began in secret, hidden away from the eyes of others. She eventually found her way into his arms, and was carried away by a few nights of passion. No promises were kept between them as she was to be a bride and his work would soon end.

When he left: she did not weep, but focused herself on the upcoming marriage that would take place. However, the wedding plans were canceled when her pregnancy was discovered. Negotiations were ruined, and her parents were furious. She spoke not of what happened, and let them draw the conclusions they would about what had happened. She was confined within the cothold, hidden from view lest they all be judged for the actions of a misguided young woman. The decision of her fate would be based on whether the child survived until naming.

Her pregnancy went without trouble and she bore a son.

The baby boy was a blessing for both Amir and her parents, a fraction of forgiveness was given but still the fear of his survival began to hang in the air. After a Turn, he was named Rinnel. No indication of the father's name was given as she would not speak his name, and only a fraction of her own name was added. It was a mark of shame, one that she would bear constantly. Rather than announcing the son as her own, she quietly allowed her parents to call the boy their own and at last: Mirlek and Amalla had a proper heir. One who was unsoiled, innocent, and could take proper charge of their small cothold. Amir essentially lost her place, unable to be wedded properly. With her son being raised as her own brother, the young woman quietly took a smaller role when she was not needed to help raise him anymore.

When her son turned three, Amir was given the option to leave the cothold to where she pleased or she would have the decision made for her. Then, it was announced that she was off to be wed: for they had already delayed the union far too long already. Then, she was sent on her way with the understanding that she would not be welcomed back into her family home should she ever return. A woman did not simply leave her husband, after all.

With no home to return to: she settled in High Reaches Hold, but soon found that questions began to follow her presence. Why did a young woman her age not have a husband? The questions soon led to judgement as she had no proper answers that she was willing to share. Quietly, she departed from the Hold with a Trader's Caravan. When they stopped at the Weyr for a rest and some trading, Amir parted ways and took up a position in the Nursery: a poor attempt at filling the hole left by her son while trying to completely move on from her past.

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Name Relation Location Position
Mirlek Father High Reaches Area Cotholder
Amala Mother High Reaches Area Cotholder
Rinnel Son High Reaches Area Child/Heir


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