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Dragon n/a
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Position Messenger
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace near High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate 738.02.19
Model n/a

Slender but muscular, this young woman is close to 5'6 in height and weighs perhaps 125 pounds. Her hair is a deep auburn hue, with hints of softer red gold's playing through the wild mass which helps set off her bright amber eyes which are fringed by long onyx lashes. Her nose is small, dainty without seeming squashed or pug, lips are full and a warm rose tone. High Cheek bones and a rounded chin help to draw her face together. A long torso, with a decent bust line, tapers into a small waist before flaring outward the swell of her hips, trailing down the length of her muscle rounded legs. Each curve on her body adds the unmistakable look of femininity.

She wears a rather simple outfit of well-made but worn clothing. Her top is a warm leafy green with hints of emerald along the seams that seems to prove that at one time her shirt was much darker then it is now. Her trousers are cocoa brown, the legs tapering down her long limbs until they disappear into the tops of her much scuffed knee high boots. Around her waist is coiled a braided leather belt, though the coloration of it is uneven as it's been created from several pieces of leather


ife as a youngster here on Pern begins in a few different ways, there are those that are born and raised outside the weyr and there are those born and raised within it. For Anzi it began in the first way, born to her mother who is a hold cook and her father who was also one of the other kitchen workers. The pair produced a son and a daughter before Anzi arrived on the scene, her birth a hard one. The little girl grew up learning what all littles are taught before she was put to work running messages around the hold, a talent that was discovered when the girl was able to parrot back things from her mother to others with no trouble. Also her quickness at delivering written messages was also a gift, it kept the girl out of trouble and made her fairly useful about the hold. Turns passed and her position as a hold messenger stuck like glue to her.

At the tender age of 15 and a half turns she was searched to the weyr, her parents rather upset with this as they had hoped to make her a good marriage to one of the hold boys that was just a turn or two older then Anzi herself. Now for Anzi, not only was this a chance to see another part of Pern, this was a chance to get away from the grasp of her parents, the thought of being married off before she had a chance to figure out who she really is. The time from when she was searched until the clutch hatched flew rapidly by, and while she did walk off the sands alone, Anzi learned that she didn't want to return to the hold where she was born, she didn't want to marry at this point in her life. Shortly after walking off the sands, the girl was put to work as a messenger in the weyr, running both written and verbal messages all over the place without faultering.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Anari Mother High Reaches cothold cook
Ziran Father High Reaches cothold kitchen help
Arnif Brother (A+5) High Reaches cothold
Anara Sister (A+3) High Reaches cothold


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