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Despite her smaller than average size for her age, Ariah isn't bothered at all by any height disadvantage she may have. Her small, angular face with its sharp features is never without a friendly smile for her friends or a mistrusting look for strangers. Tight spirals of ebony black hair frame that petite face, with cute tiny ears. Long black lashes trim the pleasant smokey grey eyes.


Despite having two sisters and 5 brothers, most of which are older than her, Ariah has never felt overlooked in any way. Her parents have always provided the best they can by working hard within their small cothold. Her father and brothers farmed the land and hunted for their food. Arian, her two sisters and mother took care of the house. By the time she was 9 Ariah could cook simple dinners for the whole family, mend any clothing that was torn and make simple outfits to wear. There's no aversion to cleaning anything because she's most likely seen any mess possible created by her siblings. Beholden to High Reaches Hold life is quite with little actually interacting with the weyr. Certainly she had seen dragons and their riders overhead but as growing she never had any direct interaction with an of them. However despite the efficiency in which she can do normal household labor, Ariah has never felt quite content. Insistent that there is more she's never understood why no one else in her family has ever wanted to simply go out and find more to life than this. Unsure of what exactly to do, Ariah expressed a desire to travel all the way up to the weyr to seek work when she was nearly 16. Unhappy that their daughter wanted to leave but unwilling to make her stay where she wasn't completely happy, her parents arranged for her to travel to the weyr. Upon arrival Ariah simply presented herself for work with on condition. Nothing to do with cooking, cleaning or sewing. Two openings were had; one with the nannies and the other was an infirmary aid. She wouldn't be working directly with patients but if she proved herself perhaps she could start learning over time. She chose the infirmary aid. So despite not wanting to clean, she found herself cleaning a lot

Naturally everything was big, new, and perhaps a bit scary for Ariah who had rarely traveled outside of her small hold. Now she's out here in the real world. Never would she admit that perhaps she was actually out of her league here but pure stubbornness kept her from turning tail and leaving after that first week! Letters were sent home whenever she could send them and while she still misses her family, over time she has adjusted nicely to life at the weyr. Just as she was settling into a nice little routine naturally life conspired to throw it to all four winds. It was a strange visit from a blue rider by the name of Ed'ard that really started such a strange chain-reaction. After an inspection by Blue Dnocesth she was declared special enough to be a candidate. Mind blowing as that was, Ariah managed to keep her wits about her enough to stammer her acceptance. With some hesitation deep in her heart. There wasn't too terribly much time to consider the full ramifications of her agreement to stand when suddenly the draconic hum was filling the weyr one morning. Rushed away from her partially consumed breakfast Ariah soon found herself clad in her simple white robe and on the sands. Up close the eggs seems so much more real and larger than life than they were from the vantage point of the viewing galleries. Barely able to remember everything they had thrummed into her mind on how to act on the Sands, Ariah stayed firmly in place on the hot grounds. In what seemed to be mere seconds of being on the Sands, two eggs exploded and their large green occupants were impressed to two boys. After that everything really seems so much of a blur as Ariah concentrated on ensuring no stumbling dragonette blundered into her. Suddenly though all her worry, nervousness and even the heat of the sands seemed to lesson as another mind firmly grasped hers. Vintroth was hers and she his for all time. It wasn't until after Vinny was fed and asleep that she realized the oddity of impressing a blue. Now it will remain to see how she deals with this unusual circumstance of being a girl life bonded to a male dragon.

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