Dragon Isleyth
Rank weyrling
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Greenrider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Igen Hold
Birthdate 758.02.10
Model n/a

Gangly is one word to describe this girl— long slender arms, legs and torso accentuating this to the extreme. Thankfully her ovalish face doesn't follow this suit, high cheekbones and freckled, perky nose giving her the innocent look to match her age. Dark slate blue eyes sit above her cheekbones and curved, brown brows arching with each emotional reaction that comes across her face. Dusty blonde hair frames her face, feathering out across her shoulders in an a-line cut that's shorter in the back then front. She's about five four in height, which doesn't make her slender build too intimidating, but definitely proves how slight this girl truly is.
Adorned on her form is rather plain attire, a white shirt that looks a little too baggy for her frame sitting on her shoulders, sleeves ending at her elbows even as the bottom hem travels well past her belt loops. The shirt gives a bit of a tunic look, without the belting, and drifts a little to her thighs before revealing a pair of wherhide brown pants. The pants are a bit worn, the knees and hem ends almost a bit tannish in color in comparison to the rest. Finishing her simplistic look are a pair of brown boots, looking a bit more worn and scuffed up, suggesting that this lass is on her feet more often then one might think.


Born to a crafter mother in Igen, Aryn grew up as an only child until her mother's tenative care, never really knowing her father until she was older. So it came to a shock to the young child to learn of her father being a rider out of High Reaches, her parent's having met by chance when the bluerider was in the Hold on business.
It wasn't until Aryn was in her preteens that her mother finally was granted her assignment to High Reaches Weyr, and was able to take her daughter to be closer to her father. Though quite the change in climate, and a shock to the system to be around Pern's largest beasts, Aryn slowly acclimated to both and was given the opportunity to grow under the tutlage of both parents. As she got older, she made the decision to stay within the Weyr, fulfilling odds and ends within it's walls, until her fast pace and good running gait was noted— and from that point on she was tagged at a good messenger and runner, taking notes and packages around the Weyr for riders, crafters and residents alike, who were short on time to deliver them, themselves. She continues in this position, and is close to both her parents, though her parents maintain a more 'casual' relationship expected of those who are rider and non-rider. Time has withered away the traditions of Hold-life, and have started setting in Weyr life for the young woman, though she still continues to adapt to the more odd social traditions of the Weyr, in comparison to her Hold. Maybe some things come ingrained, when your born in a Hold…

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Name Relation Location Position
Rebeka Mother High Reaches Weyr crafter
A'lyn Father High Reaches Weyr bluerider


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