Dragon Phineth
Rank weyrling
Craft n/a
Craft Rank Apprentice
Position Bronzerider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate n/a
Model n/a

Barton is a young man, perhaps in his late teenage turns. He's on the tall side, standing an inch or two above six feet, with a broad muscular frame that suggests many hours spent engaged in taxing physical labor. His hair is a dark brown color, but is kept cut quite short. His eyes and skin are both fairly dark, his facial features sharp and angular. He moves with an air of confidence, a swagger that can come off as either impressive or arrogant.
Barton favors simple clothes, generally wearing a tunic and trousers in grey or earth tones. He wears a knot marking him as a Smithcraft Apprentice.


Barton was a mating flight brat, the son of a bluerider and greenrider who didn't know each other particularly well. Like most weyrbrats, he ended up being raised more by the weyr nannies than his parents. A strong and industrious child, he ended up naturally gravitating towards the SmithCraft. He spent two turns at the crafthall learning the trade, but has now returned to High Reaches to finish his apprenticeship.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Eralle Mother High Reaches Weyr Greenrider
R'ton Father High Reaches Weyr Bluerider


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