Dragon Matajith
Rank Wingrider
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Greenrider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate 03.11.730
Model n/a

She is a young woman, slightly built and fairly average in stature. Tilted, almond shaped eyes, their light peridot color framed by lashes of a dusky bronze. Her cheekbones are high narrow arches, providing the framework for her sharp features. A sharp slightly hooked nose, above lips that are full; almost lush while colored a burgandy red. Her face is lightly framed by the mahogany colored curls of her hair, before it tumbles over her shoulders until it reaches her midback. Her skin is pale; the color of alabaster and dusted liberally with pale freckles, golden against the translucency of her skin.
She's wearing a fitted shirt of pale blue wool fastened with wood toggles that is tucked into loose pants of faded brown made of a wool linen blend. She has on a pair of heavy wherhide boots with low square heels and broad toes. Fastened around one shoulder is wingrider's knot threaded through with a ribbon of green


Chandi was born at the weyr, daughter of a blue rider, Ch'dal and one of the weyr’s numerous under cavern women, Mandi. While not exactly doted on as a child, she was certainly not neglected and while the pairing between her mother and father only lasted approximately a turn or so, she has numerous half siblings at the weyr as well. Chandi had settled into working as part of the kitchen crew alongside one of her older half siblings, Chablina once she was old enough to be a help and not a hinderance. While it is not usually the most exciting of jobs it did allow her to hear most of what went on in the weyr and see the numerous visitors, as nearly everyone stops by the living caverns at some point or another.
She was not quite old enough to stand for Xaeth’s clutch that had the gold in 743, but that made her only more determined to stand for the next clutch so even without the possibility of a gold, she was on the sands for Feyruth’s inaugural clutch in 747. It was near the end of the hatching that she was found by green Matajith, leaving the sands as a dragonrider now and quite willing to thumb her nose at her other siblings who were still left standing. She and Matajith settled into training with a will, graduating toward the middle of their class and only being held back as they waited for Matajith to grow to a big enough size to accomplish the tasks needed of a dragon. Once graduated, Chandi and Matajith were asked to join into O'mohe's wing and it was while part of that wing that she began to get to know Emmaline, Nadiath's rider better. As a turn or better passed, the women grew closer until they began to live together, or close enough to it, with their weyrs connected and spending most of their time together.

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Name Relation Location Position
Ch'dal Father High Reaches Weyr Bluerider
Mandi Mother High Reaches Weyr Under Caverns Work
Chablina Half-Sister High Reaches Weyr Kitchens
Emmaline Weyrmate High Reaches Weyr Greenrider


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