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Dragon Ulsavath
Rank Wingrider
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Wingrider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Hold
Birthdate n/a
Model Domhnall Gleeson


Ever look at someone and think they'd be much more pleasing if they just put a little bit more work into their appearance? That's D'ian in a nutshell. He's tall and a bit weedy, easily clearing six foot. He's pale and freckled and very ginger. His eyes are light blue, and his hair falls in an unkempt mane around his shoulders. He just looks a bit…grungy. Not that he doesn't bathe. Rather, he gives the impression of someone who washes his hair and doesn't bother putting a comb through it.
He likes layers, and patterns. He wears a blue jacket with brown elbow patches over an off-white linen shirt. His trousers are brown, and two different scarfs are looped around his neck - one solid dark blue, and the other a weaved pattern of blue, brown, white and yellow. He wears fingerless gloves.


Darian's parents were hard-working salt-of-the-earth types who each improved their situation through careful planning and stubbornness. It was expected that he would likewise work to improve his station and build on the generations of his family before him. They pushed him at every stage to aspire to be more than he was, to reach higher than he thought would be possible.
While it was a good feeling to think your parents believed you capable of anything, it was also a lot of pressure applied at a young age. He showed a talent for cooking, so his parents encouraged him. 'Encouraged' is perhaps too strong a word. His father arranged to have him work under one of the better cooks - one who sometimes cooked for the Lord and Lady. He washed dishes, prepped and very occasionally helped with the actual cooking starting when he was fifteen. He could have gained more valuable hands-on experience working under someone less prestigious, but his parents wouldn't have it. They also started keeping an eye out for a girl whose station they perceived was higher than theirs to make a match. At a very young age, he felt as though his path in life was already tightly prescribed. It was…maddening.
The hours were long, but Darian did learn the tricks of the trade. He had a particular talent for sauces and soups that was recognized by his superiors. By the time he was twenty one, he was assisting his cook mentor and regularly working on meals served to the Lord and Lady. He was finally given the task of preparing the main course to entertain a pair of searchriders who were just beginning their search. The meal was well-received, but the visiting riders had another surprise for him.
When Darian's parents heard he had been Searched, they were furious. Their son was on the verge of making it to the next level as a cook and mooching riders swoop in and take him? He could have refused, of course. But, the idea of getting away from his parents and the pressure of his job, if only for a little while, was too tempting to pass up.
When his parents realized he was going to stand, they started encouraging him to act like a bronzerider. If their son was going to be a rider, they were sure he would have to be on a metallic. Despite the distance from his parents, he felt their presence. He made it his mission to be a model candidate. He was always on time for his chores. He helped out others when they needed it. He followed the rules, though he never shook his finger at the other candidates if they didn't. He encouraged everyone to work together as a team. He did everything in his power to seem like Bronzerider material, to the point where the safe money was on him Impressing bronze or brown.
Hatching day came, and when the little green dragon came lurching towards him, he sidestepped unthinkingly, just assuming that the creature was on her way to someone behind him. Her first words to him were an admonishment, a mental finger-shake to ask if he was trying to avoid her. Ulsavath, as dragons are apt to do, cut through everyone else's expectations and projections and saw who he really was.
People do change after Impression, it's true - sometimes dramatically. People could be forgiven for thinking his was one of those cases. But in truth, the green freed him of the weight of everyone else's expectations. He relaxed significantly and began to find himself. He did however, wear the weight of his parents' disappointment and the scandal of him Impressing a green in particular.
Throughout his entirely Weyrlinghood, his parents only wrote one letter to express that they were happy he was well. After he graduated, the letters came, full of gossip about his friends and rivals, about girls they tried to set him up with - all subtly designed to remind him of what he missed out on. He hung up those letters over his washbin and reads theme every day, as a reminder of the life he was almost forced to live.

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