Dragon Byouth
Rank wingrider
Craft Healer
Craft Rank Apprentice
Position n/a
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaces Weyrd
Birthdate n/a
Model n/a

Somewhat average in appearance, Dr’stin doesn’t really stick in the mind the way some might do. He’s got an oblong face, neither too wide nor too long with narrow lips chapped by the wind and a very slight chin cleft. His eyes are a faded green color, sort of sleepy looking. The skin of his face is very lightly tanned but weathered and rough. His blonde hair, sun-faded and straw like, kept cropped close to his head. R%RHis build is fairly standard for an active man, lean but not too lean, and muscled in legs and arms from the work of a rider. He has an old, jagged scar running down his forearm long since healed. He might be inclined to a bit of a gut though it’s hard to tell beneath the layers of dark wool and leathers he usually wears. He seems to be somewhere around (age) turns and wears it well.


Drustin is the son of Elstinia, a kitchen helper who’s real job seems to be specializing in helping provide heirs for those riders not inclined towards the females of the species, and Dr’vel, rider of green Quath. He has three half siblings, including a sister who is the daughter of his father’s weyrmate. Like most weyrborn children, he spent most of his childhood in the crèche during the day and with his mother and siblings at night, expected to stand for clutches when old enough and training in some useful position for the weyr. In Drustin’s case this was the infirmary as a healer. Being somewhat flighty and easily distracted as a child, the healing work was good for him. It helped to steady him somewhat and improved his focus, though he’s still inclined to be flighty and irresponsible when not on duty. Even still, in his mind it was only something to keep him busy until he impressed.

Drustin eagerly registered to stand for the first clutch he was old enough for and was nearly overwhelmed with excitement on hatching day. It was likely due to this and his natural flightiness that lead to his being injured that first time by a clumsy brown hatchling. The little brown ripped his forearm open just above his wrist when the two stumbled into each other and he spent his first time in the infirmary as patient rather than healer. The arm healed, leaving a scar on his arm and another in his mind. The boy now took his healing more seriously and between standing for clutches and working in the infirmary, made steady progress. Turns passed, clutches came and went and still he was alone. He was 21, just preparing to become journeyman after what was likely to be his last chance to stand when Drustin found his mysterious Byouth and became Dr’stin.

With his own maturity, the pair needed only await Byouth’s growth and maturity to graduate. They weren’t the first pair to graduate but they didn’t linger either. Dr’stin’s experience as a healer helped to balance out Byouth’s less the stellar flight abilities, giving the wing their own private healer to keep an eye on them.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Elstinia Mother High Reaches Weyr Kitchen assistant
Dr'vel Father High Reaches Weyr wingrider of green Quath
Ellena Half-sister High Reaches Weyr Nanny
Cheltin Half-brother High Reaches Weyr Stablehand
Varel Half-brother High Reaches Weyr child


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OOC Notes

Dr’stin is a nice enough young man, if somewhat shallow and flakey. He’s highly compassionate, making him an excellent healer and can be quite clever in a mechanical sense. He is however easily distracted, inclined to act without thinking, and very likely to have his head turned by a handsome face. He tends towards overeating at times, loves shiny things and bright colors to decorate but prefers to wear simple, natural tones and materials for ease of wear and cleaning.


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