Dragon Dnocesth
Rank Wingrider
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Bluerider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Hold
Birthdate 01.08.722
Model n/a

He's a man of middling years, somewhat shorter than average and very stocky or heavyset. Dark Auburn hair, lightened some by the sun and kept long, tied back with cord out of reach of the wind and to pulled up into a riding helmet. He has light hazel eyes, framed by sooty lashes in a somewhat wind chafed and ruddy face with crow's feet and laugh lines now starting to show up on a very pale complexion pasted by freckles. He is clean shaven, showing angular planes to his face that are shadowed late in the day by beard growth and his nose is strongly hooked at the end. His lips are thin, and chapped but usually stretched into a ready smile.

He's wearing a pair of heavy tanned weyrhide trousers in an indeterminate shade of dusty brown that are slightly worn at the knees from use and fastened with a rope belt. His shirt is of wool felt in a splotchy undyed grey and fastened at the neck and cuffs with hand polished bone buttons. Serviceable shoes cover his feet, with thick weyrhide soles and worn heels.


Born to a father that worked as a steward at High Reaches Hold, Eduard's parents were despite connections by blood to the Lord Holder, just some of the many that counted on the man for a living. He was fostered as was common in the hold, with the many children and going to the nursery during the day to return at night to his parent's rooms along with his siblings. Once old enough for lessons, he excelled in learning and was agreeable to the path that seemed predestined, that of following in his father's footsteps as a steward in the hold. That all changed one morning, soon after his sixteenth turnday when all the lads from the hold were called into the courtyard as dragons from High Reaches came on search. Those quick weeks at the weyr seemed to go by in a blur of chores and recopying once they found out he had a fair hand and then, they were all ushered out onto the sands for Xaeth and Coresanth's clutch. It was toward the end that he was found by Dnocesth and his life's path was altered permanently.

Dnocesth was one of the slower growing blues of his clutch, so for the pair it took a good two turns almost for them to graduate and then be tapped into a wing. Eventually they settled into Br'don and Coresanth's wing, working on patrol duties and learning to be an effective part of the team. He's never managed to settle down with anyone person, although there have been a few affairs and like most of the weyr's riders; he has done his duty toward leaving children to the weyr, and even his duty toward High Reaches hold, with some of his children fostered there as well. Probably the most notable is his child Emaurd with Emmaline, a greenrider in the weyr and the fact that the pair remain friendly to this day. One eventuality that Ed'ard had not foreseen was DnocesthÂ’s abilities at search for which he is getting called away more frequently now as the clutches are finally starting to come ever closer together with the rumors of threadfall drawing ever nearer.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Merarda Mother High Reaches Hold Nursery Nanny
Evander Father High Reaches Hold Steward
Emaurd son (Emmaline) High Reaches Weyr child
Eodarin daughter High Reaches Weyr jr weyrwoman


Title OOC Date Cast
Graduation! January 19, 2016 Ed'ard, Eodarin, Shailaja, Sh'wn
Xaeth Rises March 28, 2013 Ed'ard, Mr'az, O'mohe, P'wyn, Sazey, Yh'val
Why is it Always Fish? April 04, 2013 Ed'ard, Mr'az
Why Care? July 05, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin
Ixtabith Clutches 2 Aug 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin, Ph'yn, Shailaja
You're Okay with This? August 29, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin
What Brings You Here? September 08, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin, P'wyn, Shailaja
Learn to Multitask September 17, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin
A Hold In Peril Oct. 26, 2014 Ed'ard, Deimara, L'el, Yh'val, L'av
Questions and What Ifs December 13, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin, Shailaja

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