Dragon Nadiath
Rank Wingrider
Craft Beastcraft
Craft Rank Apprentice
Position Greenrider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate 5.12.726
Model Sophia Bush

Emmaline is an outgoing woman with a teasing wit. Small at only 5'3", she has a slim boyish shape and small pointed face. Large brown eyes, with just the faintest touch of olive, and surrounded by laugh lines peer out from behind a curtain of slightly too long brown bangs. The rest of her wavey brown hair hangs down to her shoulders in a somewhat unruly mass.
She has lost some of the grace of youth, but remains attractively confident and poised. She smiles a warm and lopsided smile. Practical in dress, she wears her brown and green work suit with wherhide leathers always at hand. Sturdy walking boots cover her feet and a brown belt holds pouch and knife. On one shoulder is tied a rider's knot with a green ribbon marking her lifemate.


Emmaline is the second eldest in a large family that lives in a remote area of the High Reaches. Her elder and younger full brothers and she were actually born at High Reaches weyr, but when her father, a brownrider, was killed in a training accident just after her younger brother's birth, her mother chose to return to her own family's cothold rather than remain at the weyr. Her mother married and subsequently had 6 other children. It was a happy childhood, surrounded by family and accepted by her step father, but it felt somewhat restrictive to her exuberantly free spirit. So with her family's blessings, she apprenticed herself to the Beastcraft at just 10 turns of age. The drought struck while she was at the crafthall and to her great grief, her youngest brother was lost to an infection he was too week to fight. After 4 turns at the crafthall, she was posted to High Reaches weyr for her next phase in study, the unique trials of weyr herd management. Weyr life agreed with her and so when the next clutch occurred just before she was due to be move away, she requested the chance to stand just once. It was at this point her mother sent Yahlenri to 'look' after her.

With a gold egg on the sands, the weyr leadership were quite willing to allow as many young woman as possible to stand. And though the gold hatchling passed Emma by without so much as a glance, she was thrilled to find her own lifemate in green Nadiath. They managed to make it through weyrlinghood unscathed, where Emma's free spirit was somewhat tempered by Nadiath's shy reserve. The pair advanced into their proper position as riders, with Emma adding in an occasional stint in the infirmary, where her beastcraft healing training could be utilized by the weyr.

Over the turns the pair were noted for being light-hearted heartbreakers, flirtting from man to man with nary a deeper connection. It seemed they only needed each other and though Emma did her duty to the weyr when her son was born, even with his father Ed'ard there is little beyond affectionate friendship. So it came as a surprise to all when Emmaline finally did settle down and with a younger woman at that. Chandi, greenrider to Marajith, was to be her weyrmate, and a very solid and stable mating it appears to be though highly unconventional. They are clearly in a loving and committed relationship. It just also happens to be an open one, and Emma can as often be found flirting and playing with others as well her own mate, sometimes at the same time.

Thoughts About Others

Chandi - Chandi is Emma's mate. She dearly loves her.


Name Relation Location Position
Emeira Mother in the cothold Holder's wife
Fr'line Father deceased Wingrider of brown Werth
Older Full Brother in the cothold Farmer
Ya'ri Brother High Reaches Weyr Wingrider to bronze Kalendaeth
Younger half siser in the cothold Herder
Younger half Brother in the cothold Farmer
Younger half Brother in the cothold Farmer
Younger half sister in the cothold child
Younger half Brother in the cothold child
Emaurd son (Ed'ard) High Reaches Weyr child


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