Dragon Orayth
Rank Jr. Weyrwoman
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position n/a
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Birthdate Turn 745
Model Amra Cerkezovic

Dark brown hair is kept purposely cropped short, a slightly wavy and tousled mess on top but very short along the sides. This does little to help her already androgynous features, despite being a young woman. Young enough that she hasn’t quite finished growing, her build lean and long and lacking much feminine curve. Thick, dark brows rest over equally as dark blue eyes set between a slender nose and full lipped mouth.

She wears fairly non-descript clothing and certainly nothing fancy. Generally she’ll wear sturdier weaves that match her day’s work and the weather at the time. On her shoulder, she wears the resident knot of High Reaches Weyr.


Born in Ista Weyr to Deonasi, a greenrider, she was a welcome surprise even if her mother was unsure if the father was her lover at the time or the winner of her green’s flight, Ed’ard, a bluerider from High Reaches Weyr. As little Eodarin grew though, she clearly favored her mothers looks and some that were certainly not that lover’s features and therefore put that uncertainty to rest.

Eodarin led an uneventful life in her early Turns. Fostered by the Weyr’s nannies, she never went for wanting in her young life. She was, however, a handful. Bright and mischievous as a child, she never shirked the chores asked of her or her lessons but it became apparent soon enough that Eodarin wasn’t one who took being told to do something very lightly. If she wanted to do it, fine. If she didn’t? Well, she’d prove to be quite headstrong and as she grew older, would be crafty enough to sometimes weasel her way out of one chore to get herself something else more interesting to her at the time. She was a child who loved fun, outgoing from the start and finding herself often reprimanded when she became too bold.

Strong willed, she comes off as arrogant when she’s anything but. Eodarin simply knows what she wants and isn’t shy to push for it and chafes against being told what she can and cannot do. She’s was considered a good girl by many, but privately Eodarin doesn’t want to act like it… at least not all the time and while she understands most restrictions, she doesn’t see why her being a girl should deny her things. Not afraid of hard work or even getting dirty, many come to call her tomboy in nature as she grew into her pre-teen Turns. That amused her, as much as the nickname ‘Daring’ she’s earned during that time and much prefers it to boring old ‘Eo’. When she started showing more interest in working with the animals in the Weyr, Eodarin was set to work as a stablehand and there she has continued her work until recently.

Fourteen now and restless for change or for something different, Eodarin boldly requested to leave Ista. Not for a Craft, as some would assume, but to move to High Reaches Weyr. It was no surprise that this request coincided with the sudden transfer and change in Leadership within the far northern Weyr. Eodarin wanted to see what all the fuss is about and maybe, just maybe, see if she can’t hunt down her supposed father. Though that is not the only reason she dared to move herself halfway across the continent (a rather unheard of thing, really!) and leaving the much more tropical climes of Ista, and her mother and her friends behind. Pry her further for an explanation and she’ll only grin her impish grin and reply ‘just ‘cause’ before winking and sauntering back to her work. One thing's for certain though, Eodarin is here to stay and most often or not is found working in the stables.

Not long after she had settled into her new home, a double clutch was laid by two gold dragons: Ixtabith and Ilsoth respectively. Witnessing both, Eodarin decided to step forwards and request to Stand as a Candidate despite being so young — literally on the bottom spectrum of acceptable. That didn't stop her and neither did her father's less than thrilled reaction when they spoke later. She made a few friends among the Candidates but with so many it was difficult for her to keep track of who was who. Hatching day came for Ixtabith's clutch and Eodarin was left Standing. Undaunted, she faced Ilsoth's eggs as they Hatched a few days later and it was there that she met her lifemate in the large, golden form of Orayth.

Weyrlinghood proved to be both a learning curve and a struggle. Eodarin had a lot to adapt to, though Orayth took to her lessons with eagerness that often rubbed off on the young woman. Unless it was classroom work — that she still struggles with. Luckily both proved capable enough and were tapped in with the rest one evening, with Eodarin on the edge of her seat as her name was one of the last to be called.

From stablehand to Jr. Weyrwoman, it's been a lot for Eodarin to absorb. Barely into her fifteenth Turn, she has had to make many adjustments and struggles, though she is cautious to keep the worst of her blunderings out of sight (and hearing!) of Weyrwoman Sazey or the Weyrleader!

However, nothing quite prepared her for Orayth's first maiden flight! While she was able to keep her gold from gorging, the flight ended up shortened. Caught by L'el's bronze Suarath, the resulting clutch only yielded four eggs. Rumors abounded as to what caused such a small clutch, much to Eodarin's frustrations, and she was caught hotly denying many of them if folks were bold enough to whisper with her about. All four eggs hatched, with all four hatchlings (two blues and two greens) healthy, and while reassured both by L'el and a few others, Eodarin holds some anxieties about future flights and if Orayth will continue to produce smaller clutches. And if she does… what does it mean for them both, with Sazey having already sent away previous goldriders — most recently Shailaja's mother Shakti. Is she next on the list?

Thoughts About Others

Ed'ard - Even though he's her father, she's still struggling to really see him in that light. Still, she treats him with respect and is slowly building more of a relationship — even if casual (and a bit awkward) for now.

Shailaja - Having run into her on more than one occasion, Darin has come to enjoy her company. After going through both Candidacy and Weyrlinghood together, as well as being a fellow Jr. Weyrwoman, Darin considers her a good friend of late.

L'el - An awkward beginning after his bronze Suarath caught Orayth in her maiden flight, Darin is slowly building something akin to a friendship with him.


Name Relation Location Position
Deonasi Mother Ista Weyr Wingrider
Ed'ard Father High Reaches Weyr Wingrider
Emaurd Half-Brother High Reaches Weyr Weyrfolk

Flights and Clutches

IC Date OOC Date On/Off Camera Chasers Winner Clutch Results PC/NPC IC/OOC Hatch Date
Month 1, Turn 761 Jan 27, 2016 Off Camera Random Roll Bronze Suarath 4 Eggs (two blue, two green) NPC Month 3, Turn 761 (March 18th, 2016)
Month 6, Turn 761 April 27, 2016 Off Camera Random Roll Bronze Dharryth 21 Eggs PC TBA


Title OOC Date Cast
Graduation! January 19, 2016 Ed'ard, Eodarin, Shailaja, Sh'wn
Need Anything? March 13, 2016 Eodarin, L'el
Strange March 27, 2016 Eodarin, Kalur
Orayth's and Dharryth's 1st Clutching June 07, 2016 Eodarin, Fl'zel, Orayth, Dharryth
Morning Scavengers June 21, 2015 Eodarin, Shailaja
Why Care? July 05, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin
A Bad 'Fall July 26, 2016 Ariah, Eodarin, S'eos, Shailaja
Ixtabith Clutches 2 Aug 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin, Ph'yn, Shailaja
Ilosth Clutches 16 August 2015 Chandi, Eodarin, K'llian, Ph'yn, Shailaja
You're Okay with This? August 29, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin
Ilosth's clutch hatches! August 31, 2015 Anzi, P'wyn, Eodarin, Ariah, Yh'val,
What Brings You Here? September 08, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin, P'wyn, Shailaja
Can You See Me? WL #1 September 10, 2015 P'wyn, Eodarin, Shailaja
Learn to Multitask September 17, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin
Unmanned Flight is Easy! - WL #4 October 7, 2015 P'wyn, Sh'wn, Eodarin, Shailaja
Questions and What Ifs December 13, 2015 Ed'ard, Eodarin, Shailaja

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