Dragon Fremeth
Rank Wingrider
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Greenrider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate 17.08.726
Model n/a

The solid shape of an athlete meets your first glance upon F'siel. Not overly so but the arms show defined muscle mass as well as broadness of his chest that ensures most tunics he finds will fit a bit snuggly. A trace taller than some other in his age range it's easy to pick him out within a crowd. His heavily tanned face is weatherworn that holds his warm green eyes, often lit up with a welcoming smile. Sun-lightened hair has only a hint of curls when grown longer but it is kept cropped short for practicality reasons. A scratchy, short but curly beard is kept neatly trimmed, a darker brown. Laugh-lines crease pleasantly around his eyes to give proof of his generally outgoing nature.

Belted at the waist with a deep black belt, the pale orange tunic still comes to roughly the knees of the wearer. Long sleeves puff a bit but clinch closed at the wrist, hiding any jewelry that the green rider may have upon his wrist. The deep V reveals a black shirt under the tunic and over all of that is a darker orange vest that's left open but can be closes with leather laces. His black trousers are quite simple, functional for work as several pockets along the upper thighs have been added. Often a simple belt pouch is seen at his waist and a knife hangs from a sheath on the other side of his waist. His boots are sturdy with dark brown laces.


Weyrbred and raised, Fetsiel was always underfoot as a child, his inquisitive nature drawing him to a new task every day. With a cheerful and kind manner he was rarely turned away from observing adults at their tasks, giving him the chance to explore many possible duties before he became old enough give back to the Weyr. When the boy was ten he was finally given a chance to take up a job he elected to work with the Weyr Maintenance crew, steadily learning how to make himself useful over the next several Turns. While Fetsiel was too young, at twelve, to Stand when Xaeth laid her first clutch, he was as eager as any boy to watch the hatching. Intrigued by the changes he saw wrought in those only a few Turns his senior by the bond of Impression he decided that next time it would be his turn. So when Xaeth rose again in 743 to be caught by Kraketh Fetsiel was among the first of the eligible young men in the caverns to present himself to the Weyrlingmaster for consideration as a candidate. Luck was with him, for when presented himself on the sands as her clutch hatched he found his other half in green Fremeth, dainty in contrast to his brawny build but just as chipper as he and perfectly happy to make her way in life at his side.

Weyrling training, while intense and trying on both dragon and rider, was largely without incident, as the pair managed to scrape by with no severe injuries or reprimands. Now called F'siel, the youth matured in partnership with his green and they found their place together as they were tapped in to Br'don's wing close to two Turns after Fremeth's hatching. Together they have served their wing well, Fremeth's dainty build lending her grace and agility in flight while F'siel's strength and stamina allowed him to keep pace with her energetic activities. Over the Turns the greenrider has had several passing partners, largely driven by Fremeth's frequent mating flights, but none have remained a lasting part of his life. If he has sired any children he is not aware of them, though he wouldn't mind getting to know them if they seek him out.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Marselie Mother High Reaches Weyr
Fent Father High Reaches Weyr


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OOC Notes

F'siel has a generally positive outlook on life; he's a 'glass half full' person who is always willing to believe the best of people. Unless you hurt him or his dragon, that is, for the greenrider has a fierce protective instinct toward those he cares about. He's cheerful and outgoing in social situations, perfectly willing to introduce himself and break the ice with new people. Where he struggles is with commitment; F'siel is slow to make friends, for all his convivial attitude, and even slower to take someone into his confidence. It takes time to earn his trust and once broken he is hesitant to forgive, let alone forget.


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