Dragon Voldranth
Rank weyrling
Craft Fishercraft
Craft Rank Apprentice
Position Bronzerider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Tillek
Birthdate n/a
Model n/a

Dark blue, the color of the ocean meeting the horizon observe the world with an alert gaze. Deep wrinkles crease the temples in the manner of one accustomed to squinting against the glaring brightness that has tanned his strong, clean cut face. The burr of the seacraft is still thick in his speech, considering those early days that molded him. A shock of thick, night-black hair is kept trimmed to a manageable, though slightly longish cut, and allowed to curl at will. His movements are spare and economical, conserving energy for the long haul. Somewhere between thin and bulky, he stands taller than most men.
He's not particularly handsome, with a long face, high forehead, long nose, and slightly pointed eyebrows. In fact, in concentration or at rest, he can almost look too serious for his own good. However, when the points of those eyebrows have a tendency to raise mischievously, coupled with a smile that creases his cheeks deeply and shows a set of even teeth, the devilish good humor can be almost irresistible.


Firmin was born between his two sisters, the second child of a Seacrafter and his wife in Tillek.
After his second sister came two more brothers, and when their widowed neighbor caught the winter sickness and passed, they took in the boy she left behind and fostered him. Their cottage was in sight of the ocean that provided a livelihood for Firlan, and his mother would do the daily baking and cooking at a table under the open window that looked down over the water.
Firmin managed to avoid the pitfalls of winter sickness and dreadful accidents, growing into a tall and sturdy lad. He readily took to his father’s craft, and enjoyed nothing more than being on the wind and waves, scrambling around the rigging and setting the nets for fishing. He was diligent in learning all parts of his craft, not only the on sea skills of rigging and knots, but spent his share of time on land repairing the ships and building the smaller boats and skiffs used in the bay. Like many other seacrafters, he picked up the hobby of whittling, making toys for his little siblings when they were cooped up in the cottage for the winter months.
Firmin’s life continued relatively worry free for fifteen turns. There was, of course, some deaths from sickness, such as the one that brought his foster brother into the household, but nothing earth shattering until the unexpected storm that blew up, and caught half the fleet out fishing. Firlan's boat was in dry dock at the time, and Firmin had been working on it when the winds suddenly changed direction and the clouds darkened the sky. With the others he race to batten down Tillek as swiftly as possible, but there was still plenty of damage as the high seas battered the docked boats against their moorings.
After the skies cleared, relatives and friends waited tensely for reports from the sweep riders sent out, and watched the port for the sails to return. Most of the boats limped back, a couple of them listing heavily, but not long after wreckage began washing ashore. One day, while out with the others collecting salvage, Firmin saw a familiar piece of wood, painted with the name Stargazer. His best friend was on the Stargazer, and it was a horrible blow to the young man. For almost a turn he went through the motions of life, and work, and while some others his age moved on to Sr. Apprentice, he remained behind as a Junior. When he finally snapped out of it, he hit a growth spurt that shot him up a good hand, maybe hand and a half, and did a complete one hundred and eighty degree turn. He set about with an effort that was almost double of his peers, and earned Sr. Apprentice in next to no time.
In his seventeenth turn, he finally took his Journeyman sail, a long trip meant to test apprentices to put what they’ve learned to the test. His trip was interrupted by one of the random tidal waves that have been coming more frequently in the last turns. The wave lifted the boat and dropped it on a rock outcropping, leaving it high and dry when the sea returned to normal. The watch dragon sent out in the wake of the reported wave spotted them and sent back to the weyr for assistance in flying the stranded seacrafters to safety. Having never been to the weyr himself, Firmin accepted the offer to go back there first and have the weyrhealer attend to a couple deep gashes to make sure they didn’t fester.
A surprise meeting at the weyr prompted Firmin to ask permission to stay on for awhile, putting his ship building skill to use helping the woodcarvers of the weyr.

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