Dragon Dharryth
Rank Weyrling
Craft Harper
Craft Rank Senior Apprentice
Position Bronzerider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Hold
Birthdate n/a
Model Roberto Bolle

Already tall and with likely a little way to go yet given his age, Florizel is a long-limbed 5'11 or so, with a trim physique. His hair is generally neat, inky black and well-groomed in its cropped length, with brows as dark framing his grey eyes. The gentle tan of his skin is lightly peppered with freckles, which arch over the bridge of his defined nose, which ends in a light ski-jump above his narrow lips, through the corner of which runs a thin, long-healed scar.


Florizel was the second child born to Florian and Arizella, a cook and a seamstress, respectively, in High Reaches Hold. He grew up in the typical life of a Holdbred boy, with his fondness for reading and storytelling eventually leading him to the Harpers when he turned 11. From early on he was quite clear in his love of history, and with nothing more than a basic proficiency in music he was ushered towards more archive-based options as he progressed through his classes. Teaching was something he took a special interest to, and, when he came of age to narrow down his options to focus on his future specialties as a Harper Journeyman, Florizel was assigned to the Weyrharper at High Reaches Weyr to assist in creating and maintaining records and a solid history of the place, as well as to assist, when needed, in teaching classes.

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