Dragon Tsemeth
Rank Wingsecond
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position brownrider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Hgh Reaches Weyr
Birthdate 725.10.20
Model n/a

He's a man of middling height, barely topping 5'8" and somewhat heavyset. He is broad through the shoulders, with a barrel chest and then on to stout and slightly bowed legs. He has a close crop of wildly curly dark brown hair, tight against his skin, while dark blue eyes peer out from under heavy brows. The rest of his face continues a pattern of thick bone with a wide and flattened nose that has been broken at least once and thick, full lips. He's wearing a standard rider's outfit of weyrhide left undyed and his flight jacket is left open over a linen shirt laced up and open at the neck. Heavy boots are on his feet, fairly new and dyed a dark, dark brown. Around one shoulder is a knot for a High Reaches brownrider.


Iason was born at High Reaches and had in the limited time before he impressed, never felt the need to leave. He got into the normal scraps that a boy growing up in a weyr would, although a few left more than a fair mark upon him including the time he got his nose broken badly. He has family here at the Weyr, the usual amount that riders share, with half siblings and cousins and other assorted kin. Over the turns, he's acquired his share of children through flights and a few relationships. Only a few does he know by sight – Iamelt and Iamagen.

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Name Relation Location Position
Susuorna Mother High Reaches Weyr deceased
I'dafo Father High Reaches Weyr bluerider
Iamelt Son High Reaches Weyr child
Iamagen Daughter High Reaches Weyr child


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