Dragon Tapoth
Rank Wingrider
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Bluerider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Balen Hold
Birthdate 08.05.740
Model n/a

I’vor still looks much younger than his (age). He has shortish light sandy brown hair cut uniformly at about an inch in length all around his head. His eyes are large and soft brown, still somewhat innocent, and set wide apart in a round boyish face. His nose is a cute pug that will hopefully mature into something more masculine with age. He is just now starting to come into his growth, seeming to sprout faster than the seamstresses can adjust his cloths. He hasn’t started to fill in yet and still has that long coltish awkwardness of knobby knees and elbows and oversized hands and feet. He’s wearing typical weyrling gear that is clearly too short in length at both arms and legs.


Inevor was born to Eirenna, the cook’s assistant, and Coramon, her wherhandler husband, at Balen Hold. He has two older brothers, Gill and Caermir, and a sister just two turns older. He also has a younger sister and a baby brother but they don’t count in his mind. Caermir is his favorite and Inevor has idolized his big brother since birth. Once he could toddle, he started chasing after Caermir and has been chasing ever since. He spent his early years as any child does, playing with other children and schooling with the hold Harper. When Caermir apprenticed to the hold Smith, Inevor would follow him to the forge and watch him working. And when a pair of green dragons came and claimed Caermir for High Reaches Weyr, Inevor, just 11 turns, very nearly cried. He did not want to lose his favored brother to the weyr.

The day of the hatching came and the proud parents went to the weyr to watch their boy stand for Xaeth’s and Mwoth’s clutch. The sweeprider sent was kind enough to allow Inevor to come along as well, so that he might say goodbye should his brother impress. The cavern was hot and the noise unimagined with greens and blues and browns impressing left and right. When one bronze approached Caermir, Inevor gasped and ran down to the rail, but the bronze moved on and the young boy sighed in relief. Then a sturdy brown approached Caermir and this time, the young man exalted out, “Barqeth!” Inevor was crushed. He started to sink towards the sands below him when a small dark blue hatchling approached the fence and though too young and not searched, Inevor found himself to be I’vor to blue Tapoth.

The uproar following the brothers impressing took weeks to settle down. Though proud, their parents were shocked to lose both, especially with I’vor so young. The weyrlingmaster was concerned that the youngest boy might not be mature enough to handle his new lifemate and the Weyrleader frowned mightily. But with time it has all been worked past. I’vor was held back in the weyrling wing extra turns until he matured enough to match his lifemate and they hope to graduate very soon now.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Eirenna Mother Balen Hold cook's assist
Coramon Father Balen Hold wherhandler to green Corask
Gill Brother Balen Hold Beastcrafter Journyman
C'mir Brother High Reaches Weyr wingrider to brown Barqeth
Serapha Sister Healer Crafthal healer apprentice
Mena Sister Balen Hold child
Janoc Brother Balen Hold child


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OOC Notes

I’vor is in some ways as simple as his lifemate. He’s emotionally still a little young for his age, stuck in the throes of teenage angst. Though not completely an innocent, he’s still naïve in social situations of both the romantic and non-romantic nature. He’s never had his heart touched nor known heartache and it’s anyone’s guess how that will alter him in life. He has a quick temper and a quick, witty mind to go with it. He loves athletic activities and is usually to be found outdoors rather than with his nose in a book.


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