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Dragon Feyruth
Rank weyrwoman
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position n/a
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Tillek
Birthdate 20.08.729
Model n/a

She is a young woman, slight in build. Soft, shiny near platinum blonde hair frames her face and then tumbles down in soft curls to her back. Thick blonde lashes shadow icy blue eyes, pale against her pink tinged complexion. Her cheekbones are high arches, while an aquiline nose gives her face an angular quality, saving it from complete softness. A full mouth, lips a delicate rose and often found in a smile. One dimple offset to her right and above a slightly pointed, determined chin.

She is wearing a flowing tunic in soft cream, with long full sleeves that gather at her wrists. A simple short vest, in a lush wine color covers her bodice and is laced together with a matching burgundy cord, tied into a bow. A wide leather belt cinches the tunic, crafted of deeply dyed hide and patterned in a design of fanciful embroidery. Trews of a slightly darker cream cover her legs before her feet are decked out in leather slippers of the same dark hide, although unadorned.


Janja was born to Marjost and Ellisa, cotholders of a large stake near Tillek. As she grew older, and started to show off a fair amount of beauty her parents started to dream about the higher station she could bring them, especially as her learning abilities and education seemed to plateau as the turns moved on. Shortly after her fourteenth turnday, as her parents had just arranged a very advantageous marriage for both her and them to Lord Aland of Tillek; searchriders arrived from High Reaches. With a queen egg on the sands, the riders could not be denied Janja's presence on the sands, especially once the not terribly bright girl agreed with a cheerful abandon, throwing turns of careful planning out the windows. With the promise that Janja would be returned once the hatching was over, off she went whistling happily out of tune with Ed'ard and blue Dnocesth. Unfortunately for her parents, Janja was not to be returned to them after the hatching as she impressed out on the sands that hatching to gold Feyruth. This had repercussions for High Reaches as Lord Aland had to put off his marriage now, until Janja's younger and not quite as pretty sister Jely was of marriageable age and the tithes from Tillek have been rather miserly these last few turns.

Janja and Feyruth were perhaps some of the slowest graduating weyrling pairs in recent history at High Reaches, complicated somewhat by Janja getting pregnant near the end of weyrling training by one of the weyr's older brownriders, M'ac. It was a case of the girl, definitely after the man, in that Janja chased until she caught, and thus she was quite noticeably pregnant during Feyruth's inaugural clutch. Soon after that hatching she and M'ac welcomed a girl, Merija that was fostered in the weyr, with Janja refusing to allow her to go back to Tillek. As far as for the pairing though, Janja seemed to settle out of love as fast as she had decided she had settled in, although she remained on good terms with M'ac. As Janja settled into being a goldrider, she took up healer's duties for both human and dragon with her manner being remarked upon as being very comforting and noticeably different from her rather abrupt and thoughtless comments made outside the infirmary. Janja's personality, while often cheerful and very dedicated to her duty, was noticeable for her being slightly vain, position conscious, not terribly bright, often thoughtless and unintentionally cruel and a completely out of tune whistler who would not quit.

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Name Relation Location Position
Ellisa Mother Tillek cothold holder
Marjost Father Tillek cothold holder
Jely Sister Tillek Hold Lady Holder
Merija Daughter (M'ac) High Reaches Weyr child


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OOC notes

Janja is now deceased but left available so that she can be used for a reference for role play.


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