Dragon None
Rank Apprentice
Craft Harper
Craft Rank Apprentice
Position Apprentice
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Fort Hold
Birthdate n/a
Model Dylan O'brien


Dark hair and freckled cheeks are the first things to notice about this youth. While his face is beginning to slim down and become more defined as puberty passes, he hasn't lost that mischievous glimmer in his chestnut brown eyes. Lanky and tall for his age, he's still a touch bony and a touch awkward. He's dressed in nondescript clothing that's worn and patched.


The only child of two lower caverns workers at Fort Hold, Kalur's parents always pushed him to be more than they were. It came from a place of love, that desire for their son to be better off than they were, but often times it came across as overbearing. Many times he felt as if he could do nothing right in their eyes. He was almost glad when they sent him to Harper Hall to apprentice, and they placed him at High Reaches Weyr. Finally, he would be free of his parents' desires for his life and he could discover who /he/ wanted to become. As soon as he gets over his fear of the dark and his homesickness.

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