Dragon Jalath
Rank Wingleader
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Bronzerider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate n/a
Model n/a

A mop of glossy dark black curls cascades in a devil may care fashion down over Killian's ears and eyes and just below the nape of his neck. It doesn't quite hide the velvety sage green of his eyes nor the thick, dark brows. His face is oblong with a squared off chin and a straight nose, hooked slightly at the end. His skin is very pale, spattered with very faint brown freckles just over the nose and on the points of his cheek bones. He has nice lips for a man and they are usually shaped into a slightly wicked grin. He is tall, with a lean and athletic build and enough breadth of shoulder to give him a nice rectangular body shape.
Killian tends to dress very casually, yet stylishly. He usually wears a plain tunic, currently a washed out green color, under a warm cream sweater. His pants are a soft, supple natural colored brown leather and his boots an even darker brown. He carries a darkly brown dyed wherhide jacket when the weather requires.


Killian's mother Kimmi is a seamstress for the weyr. Her only child was born of a short relationship with one of the weyr's many riders, and based on coloring, it is assumed that rider is Blue Drath's rider M'lin. His mother has no other child, so Killian was a bit doted on by her, but his fater has another daughter and she is the apple of his daddy's eye. More than a little jealous, it is only recently that Killian has begun to have a good relationship with his younger sister. As with most weyr children, Killian grew up raised as much by the rest of the weyr as he did by his natural parents. He was always something of a scamp, attractive enough even as a child to win the hearts of all the old aunties. A favorite in the kitchen, Killian always seemed to be able to get his favorite treat, day or night. At the ripe age of 10, he went to work with one of the many firestone crews and he also spent some time working with the weyr tanners where it was discovered he had some skill for leatherwork. When he is not busy with his other responsibilities, Killian has started spending more time with the tanners and if he does not impress soon, the young man is expected to seek formal apprenticeship with the Tannercraft.

Killian requested to stand for clutches at his very first opportunity, and with the arrogance of youth, boasted to his mates that he was sure to impress 'at least' brown. Three clutches and several turns later, maturity has set in and now he just hopes for a last few chances before growing too old. In personality, Killian has always been a charming rogue, as fond of the ladies as they are of him. He was a bit callow in his younger days, making some enemies but also inspiring many loyal friendships. He can be a hair vain, though not in any obvious way and he's got a lazy streak. He loves a good prank and was in trouble more often than was good for him. But even so, he's relatively good natured, rarely intentionally mean and, with the seasoning of age, feels himself to be an asset to the weyr.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Kimmi Mother High Reaches Weyr Seamstress
M'lin Father High Reaches Weyr rider to Blue Drath
Younger Half Sister High Reaches Weyr child


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