Dragon n/a
Rank Candidate
Craft Weaver
Craft Rank Apprentice
Position n/a
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Ogren hold
Birthdate 08.02.740
Model n/a

Kinnu current stands around five and a half feet tall, although he looks like he might add another half a fingerlength to him yet. At (age) turns he's shooting less outwards than filling inwards. The lankiness of youth is slowly fading as his body puts some meat on his bones. Black hair is kept a short to medium length and styled in clean lines. It dramatically frames his long face, bringing helping enhance his more youthful look for now.

THe is dressed quite fashionably, and not for your standard work day. Linen pants are dyed a deep gray hue and tailored to help him look taller and skinnier than he actually is. An ocean blue long sleeved shirt is embroidered with vines about the cuffs and collar. Buttons down the front are carved bits of wood. A heavier vest is settled over the lighter shirt. Its darker burgundy hue stands him out of the crowd, and is similarly embroidered with yellow thread in the same vine pattern around the edges.


Kinnu was born at Ogren hold to a pair of herders, and is one of many siblings in what turned out to be a large family. He lived a more nomadic life during the summers, helping his family as they tended their flock through the High Reaches mountain range. Through the winter his family would reside at one of the permanent holds or cotholds in the area. He worked hard, but was also exposed to a lot of natural beauty as well as many different people in the herder travels. He was happy and loved and over time seemed most excited to help with the shearing of the animals and preparation of their hair. At about the age of ten, at his mothers insistence his family left him at Ogren hold to work under one of the weavers who specialized in processing the raw materials of the craft. His mother's had a good instinct and Kinnu, while he missed his family, found this new work suiting him. In another two turns he'd impressed the weaver enough that he was taken on as her formal apprentice.

As he grew he learned more of the weavercraft's skills, but ultimately found that processing as his master wasn't his best talent in the craft and so he was sent to the Weyr to study tailoring and design which at fifteen had become his focus. Encouraged by the masters and journeymen there he has focused on tailoring and design while meeting many new friends. One was Dh'rund and his blue Havimenath who searched him for the clutch of 753. Standing was the most terrifying thing Kinnu has ever done and it wasn't to much of a surprise to his friends when he didn't impress that first time. Embarrassed for not impressing he tucked himself away for a month in a special favor… err… project he begged his masters to allow him. The time was what he needed to reflect upon himself and when he emerged it was with renewed confidence and an assurance that when he next stood again it wouldn't be as a cowering youth, but a confident adult. In the meantime, he takes the inspiration of the natural world from his childhood and brings that into the clothes he tailors under his teachers supervision.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Kilani Mother Ogren hold Herder
Kanoru Father Ogren hold Herder
Nora Sister Ogren hold Herder
Kellen Brother Ogren hold Herder
Rua Sister Ogren hold Healer
Lani Sister Broadbranch cothold Farmer
Nakor Brother Ogren hold child
Killi Sister Ogren hold deceased
Roan Brother Ogren hold child
Okin Brother Ogren hold child
Kalri Sister Ogren hold deceased
Kanan Brother Ogren hold deceased


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OOC Notes

Kinnu is a developing adult who has come a little late in the maturity sector. He is focused on his work, enjoying making clothes and takes a lot of inspiration from the natural world in his use of embroidery. He's generally pleasant and outgoing, although he has a habit of trying to make everyone happy and hiding away when something doesn't go right as he learns to deal with the inevitable disappointments in life. Yet, from each of these he gets stronger and more confident. Kinnu has a preference for fruits, cheese and wild game. He will sometimes sneak away to join a hunting party outside the weyr when his masters aren't looking… a habit which also gets him predictably in trouble. He's still young and thinks he can get away with anything and everything, and accepting the consequences of his actions is something he's still connecting the dots on, but maybe one of these days he'll grow up… or so his masters hope.


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