Dragon Ayreth
Rank Wingrider
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Infirmary Help
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Crom Hold
Birthdate 19.1.733
Model n/a

A confident looking young lady is what you see. Her long blonde hair is pulled into a single plait that hangs down her back. Her green eyes scan the area around her and show her intelligence. She is about 6 foot 1 inch in height and has a 'soft oval' shape to her face. She is wearing long brown pants, a white shirt with a hunter green tunic. Brown boots are on her feet.


Leeana was born in the upper reaches of Crom Hold. She is the only child of Tellian and Hanatha. Tellian and Hanatha breed runners at their cothold, as Leeana grew she proved adept at riding healthy runners and healing injured runners. Soon though, too soon for her parents, offers of marriage were being made…..by men that Leeana wanted nothing to do with.

One choice was open, Leeana took a spot as an apprentice healer at High Reaches Weyr. There she feels safe from the unwanted advances of men who made her feel uncomfortable. Her parents, giving her their blessings on her decisions, adopted a cousin to inherit the cothold so that there would always be family breeding runners.

Happilly ensconced at The Reaches, Leeana keeps in contact with her parents regularly as she learns to heal people and the great dragons that protect the people from death.

It was just a routine day in the infirmary when Leeana stepped out into the bowl. She was headed to the living caverns and walking through the bowl to enjoy the sunshine and warm air, her errand was not one of urgency. She was halfway across the bowl when she felt a gust of air against her back. She turned and grinned at the dragon behind her. Leeana greeted the dragon and rider asking how their day had been. The dragon’s rider replied that their day had gone well but that it would definitely be better if she would consent to stand for the clutch of eggs hardening on the sands. Leeana agreed. Thus began a round of candidacy that had her up at all hours doing all sorts of chores.

The Hatching Day dawned as any other. Lunchtime came around and Leeana was enjoying some food and juice when the humming started. Food forgotten Leeana and the other candidates entered the Sands in their robes and footwear. Cracking eggs, crooning and creeling were heard from the clutch parents and hatchlings. A celadon green hatchling approaches Leeana where she is standing and Impression was made. Leeana and Ayreth are on the loose. Pern watch out.

Leeana and Ayreth were quite a team in the Weyrling Barracks. Never quite getting into trouble but quite the handful too. They were always attentive in lessons, not showing fear or apprehension at anything. They were by no means foolhardy though.

Leeana took handily to the healing lessons and is continuing that education with the weyr’s healers when her training for Threadfall permits. She also helps gather the various plants that the weyr uses for cooking and medicinal purposes. Other times she and Ayreth ride sweeps and messages to the other weyrs.

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Name Relation Location Position
Hanatha Mother Crom Hold Runner Breeder
Tellian Father Crom Hold Runner Breeder


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