Dragon Suarath
Rank weyrling
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Bronzerider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate n/a
Model n/a

He's fairly tall for his age, but still all knees and elbows and not much else. He's got a cap of messy sun bleached blond curls that seem perpetually tangled that he only finger combs, hanging down in his face over light hazel eyes. Most of his face is average, except for a large nose, upturned at the end and a fairly mobile mouth with thin, chapped lips. %R%RHe's wearing standard issue clothing for the High Reaches area, long woolen pants tucked into calf boots and a woven wool shirt fastened with bone buttons.


Born here at High Reaches, Lemuel has always worked once he was old enough being part of the innumerable collection of weyrbrats that a weyr always seems to have. He's not particularly good enough at any craft, nor shown the interest needed to be sent off for apprenticing, but he has settled down to working as a good job carpenter.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Dorella Mother High Reaches Weyr
Levus Father High Reaches Weyr


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