Dragon Valtheoth
Rank Wingrider
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Brownrider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Hold
Birthdate n/a
Model n/a

Hair that might have once been a warm, earthy brown has long since been shot through with heavy veins of iron grey and silver, tell-tale signs of a man that went gray far earlier than normal. That full head of hair is light and full, parted down the center and allowed to fall to his jawline when it's not swept casually back behind his ear. His skin is that deep brown associated with those who spent hours a day out in the sun. An average forehead is lined with the kind of wrinkles associated with laughter rather than age. His nose is neither large or small, if slightly angular, and is flanked by golden brown eyes, bright and curious. An even mouth and a face free of stubble round out the picture, the portrait of a man comfortable in his middle years.

Caught out of his riding leathers, Merimac appears to be a creature of casual comfort. A simple, collarless tunic rests on sturdy, unassuming shoulders, untied at the throat and open to the top of his chest. Loose sleeves have been rolled to stop just below the elbow, leaving tanned forearms and calloused hands unencumbered. Utilitarian trousers gird his lower body, colored a faded forest green, and comfortable-looking brown boots cover his feet. A small pouch hangs off of his right hip, the base secured to mid-thigh with a bit of leather thong. Another piece of thong is caught around his neck, holding a bit of something shiny just below the hollow of his throat.


Merimac's story doesn't contain any explosions or white doves or the orchestral swelling typically associated with such things. A random flight made two random people do a not-so-random thing. Biology was more than happy to follow up nine months later.

Truly raised by the 'village', Merimac was a typical boy, enjoying the company of mud, worms and the occasional frog to chores, little girls, and the seemingly endless swarm of adults telling him what needed to be done for the day. For Merimac, it evolved into a game. If someone was after you to do the dishes, see about helping in the stables. If someone needed help hauling wood to the forge, see about helping the farmers in the field. In this manner, he learned much about the many roles needed to keep a place running. By the time he was a young man, he was more or less regardeed as a jack of all trades, good enough to spell a more proficient craftsman while they tended to a more important matter for a short time. Eventually, he grew to enjoy the work he did, not only because he was so constantly in demand, but because of the help he was able to render.

Merimac was in posession of other talents, however. Those talents eventually brought him to the attention of a bluerider and his dragon, and they would take him far away from his home before finally returning him to it. A potential candidate for bonding with a dragon, Merimac was searched one blustery evening in the rain.

Many turns have passed since that day in the rain.

In time, Merimac would come to know his role in the wider world, both as an individual and as a rider of his bonded, brown Valtheoth. He stands now as a man of middle age, acting as a transport rider when he can, a surveryor when it's necessary, and anything else when it's asked. Easy-going, light hearted and readily engaged, he's been approached several times about taking a more active role in the official structure of the Weyr. Each time, he's turned the offer down, content to help where he can, to work each day and stay out of time's way. He's still a bit of a jack of all trades, still enjoys the helping, and on occasion, still enjoys dancing out of the way of hard labor.

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Name Relation Location Position
Danzia Mother High Reaches Hold unknown
Merija Daughter (Janja) High Reaches Weyr child


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