Dragon Skarth
Rank Wingrider
Craft Smith
Craft Rank Apprentice
Position Brownrider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate n/a
Model n/a

Though not overweight, heavy and thick are the adjectives that come to mind. He's of average height with a large bone frame and a classic barrel shaped body. He has an impressive set of muscles, especially in the arms and shoulders from smith work. Both arms and legs are thick with a fine layer of red hairs and his hands are heavily callused.

His face is broad but open. It's an inverted triangle, running into a strong chin with a cleft. His hair and eyebrows are a bright rich flaming red and thick. It's cut short in a very traditional militant style. His ears are the only thing small and they tuck close into his head. Intelligent hazel eyes peer over the hawkish nose, which has been broken more than once. His lips are narrow and slightly burned in appearance. His skin, head to toe, is pale and heavily covered in pinkish brown freckles. His face normally carries a red tint from the heat of his forge.


Milreen was born at High Reaches Weyr. His mother, Reena, was the senior weyrwoman and died giving birth to him and that single fact has colored his life ever since. Reena died leaving him unnamed and the knowledge of his father lost. The charitable chose to believe his father was weyrleader M'riz and so he was named Milreen as is the custom. He grew up a child of the weyr, raised by nannies and foster mothers, constantly watched but never really connected to one person. That constant attention, the underlying fear the weyr had that he would grow up wild and reckless just like his mother, drove the young boy into the forge and there he finally found his place. As soon as he possibly could, he apprenticed to the smith craft and spent the rest of the time trying unsuccessfully to avoid attention. In between, he has dutifully stood for each clutch, while the war between wanting to impress and wanting to escape goes on in his head.

Thoughts About Others

NAME - thoughts


Name Relation Location Position
Reena Mother deceased Weyrwoman to Gold Kasath
M'riz Father deceased Weyrleader to Bronze Tyolith


OOC Notes

M'le is a feature adoptable character.

M'le is a conflicted young man haunted by the notorious past of his parents, especially his mother. In natural inclination, he is much like his mother was: wild, adventurous, hot tempered and charismatic. But due to the constant not always friendly attention as he was growing, he has learned to suppress these traits. To all but a very small few, M'le seems to be a nervous, reserved, somewhat flighty young man more likely to flee than lead. Only time will tell how the addition of Skarth will change and mature this young man.


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