Dragon Noth
Rank Wingrider
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Bluerider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace River Bend Area
Birthdate 06.01.736
Model n/a

M'lo is a tall fellow. His black hair just brushes his shoulder, a lock hangs over his forehead covering his left eye. He flips it back uncovering eyes so dark a brown as to be nearly black. One might assume, correctly, that the battle with the lock of hair is an ongoing thing. His clothing is nondescript, leather trews left the natural shade, a pale brown tunic belted at the waist. A knife is in a sheath on the belt. A dark brown vest covers the tunic. His shoulder knot is black and blue cords with a second blue cord twined within representing his lifemate. Dark brown boots are on his feet.


This lad hails from a small cothold near River Bend. His parents are farmers raising grains and such. Milo is the 5th child of 10. All the children were expected to help out around the home and were taught basic cyphering and writing by their mother, this was enhanced by the Harper that traveled about. Search riders came out and about and one of them stopped at River Bend. Milo and his family were out and about when the dragons landed. The search dragons chose Milo to stand for the clutch of eggs hardening on the sands. Milo gathered some of his things and joined the riders for the flight back to the weyr.

The day of hatching dawned and the dragons were humming away, the resonance echoing throughout the weyr. Candidates scrambling for the barracks, chores not done, half done and completed; they all made it to the sands in their robes and footwear. Shells were cracking, dragonets emerging and choosing their lifemates.

A brilliantly bright blue hatchling approached the group that Milo was standing with. He inspected each of the candidates before sitting in front of Milo and shaking his head. Milo reached out a tentative hand and rubbed an eyeridge. The bond formed, M’lo and Noth headed for the weyrling barracks to start learning and living.

When not involved with his sweep riding duties, grooming or feeding Noth, M'’lo can be found helping out in the stables with the runners and dray beasts. Mucking stalls and making sure that the hay and straw was fresh and fresh water was available. He also checks on the amount of fodder that is available for the animals in the feeding pens letting the Stable Master know if he finds it low. He will also let the healers know if there are any animals that are sick or lame.

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Name Relation Location Position
Carah Mother River Bend Area Farmer
Fiorin Father River Bend Area Farmer


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