Dragon Riordanth
Rank weyrling
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Bluerider
Home High Reachs Weyr
Birthplace Tillek
Birthdate n/a
Model Katie Holmes


Thin but by no means tiny, this woman looks more like a man when bundled up in winter clothing. Standing at a height of around 5'6, she is petite but with a subtler strength to her limbs. Her brown hair has many highlights, and is only a couple of inches long, waving around her head like a cloud. When properly styled though, it curves around her face as though embracing it.
Her face is round and smooth, with her chin tapering to a smooth point. Her nose is small and finely shaped, and her eyes are round and seem to match her hair color; multi-hued chocolate brown.


Mohria was born in Tillek, on the outskirts of the main hold. Her birth brought both joy and tragedy to her father, as her mother passed away while giving birth to her. Despite the pain at losing his wife, her father adored his only child and doted on her. She soon inherited his love of the sea and joined him on many fishing trips. She had friends, and work to do, and was passable in her lessons. The only dark part of her life was her father's new wife, a cool woman that had little interest in the girl. Then one winter's day her life took another turn. While on a fishing trip with her father in their small skiff, Stargazer, a storm blew up on them. Despite the ship's strength and her father's skill, they were cast adrift in the sea. A wave took her father over the edge of the ship, and moments after the skiff broke apart. Clinging to a bit of wood, Mohria rode out the rest of the storm and finally was washed back up onto the shore. Her step-mother was overcome with grief for her husband's loss, and Mohria, in her own grief, fled Tillek. She joined a trader's caravan, working for transport to the weyr. Not knowing quite why she headed north, she abandoned her home and her friends to seek out the home of the dragons, drawn there in the hopes of a new life and a new adventure to soothe her grief.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Anthera Mother n/a Deceased
Lyeton Father n/a Deceased


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