Dragon Zhirazoth
Rank Wingleader
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Bronzerider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Fort Hold
Birthdate Turn 728
Model Andrew Lincoln


Fairly tall in height, he can be best described as slim and lean, but his muscles are well toned in a subtle display of strength. Dark brown hair, wavy when left to grow out, is kept short cropped for comfort. Narrow shaped green eyes are often shadowed beneath his heavy brows which are more often than naught knitted together in a pensive and thoughtful look. A thin, almost aquiline nose and full lipped mouth complete his features, balanced well against the square and sturdy outline of his jaw. Whether to appear older or simply of personal preference, he keeps a very short cropped beard, though some may say it's more stubble than beard at times.

For clothing his tastes run simple when he is not dressed in his leather riding gear. Sturdy tunics, laced at the front and of short or mid-sleeved variety are often his preference and in neutral hues. His pants are well fitted and tailored, always belted at the waist by a black leather belt and tucked into his knee high black riding boots. On his shoulder, he wears the knot of a Wingrider, with High Reaches Weyr's colors and another thread woven through to signify his lifemate.


Mr’az is typically calm and easy going, laid back and friendly. He makes a loyal acquaintance, no matter how brief the association. He has a strong moral code, which sometimes leads him to make a bad decision or lead to impulsive choices. A natural leader, he has the uncanny ability to place responsibility on himself and set goals but there lies his fault as well, as many of his goals are impossible to reach. He can be stubborn when he feels he has made the right choice or can become easily unsettled when he’s too indecisive or overwhelmed. He is incredibly protective of his friends, family or even his fellow wingriders and is often concerned for the well being, even if it’s not his place to be. He is strong and a survivor, able to adapt and think swift and sharply when put in a tight spot — so long as he is not emotionally hindered.


Mrovazny — as he was named at his birth — was the second child born to Rovan and Miazny, two posted Beastcrafters in the Fort region. To say his early life was easy is true, but it did not come without its hardships either. His parents were often busy with their duties but did their best to raise their two sons up in a time where Pern’s society was on the cusp of change. Along with his brother, he learned much of his lessons from his parents than a posted Harper and the moment he was old enough, he would often be put to work helping either of his parents or small, odd jobs around the holds.

As he grew, Mrovazny (or Rov for short as his brother was fond of calling him) was known for being a calm and smart lad, quick to catch on and better yet quick to adapt. He made a few childhood friends, though many drifted away over time or were cut short by the illnesses that plagued the winter months. Whether gleaned from his parents, from another source or simply a natural occurance of his personality, he also developed a strong moral code and even at a young age showed strong preference towards tradition. His life so far was as normal as a youths could be but it would not be to last.

In his fifteenth Turn, the hold to which his parents were posted suffered a rough season and worse winter yet, as did much of the region. After much thought and careful decision, Mrovazny’s parents chose to move onward to the High Reaches region where his father’s expertise was needed. In that same winter, his eldest brother Miarov went on to pursue his career with the Beastcraft at the Hall in Keroon. It was a rather bittersweet parting and not without some pressure put on Mrovazny’s shoulders, as he continued to linger on his decision to follow his family’s Craft. Settling into their new home in one of the Holds in High Reaches territory, he did continue to help his parents when he could and also lend a hand with a few simple chores and jobs available about the hold. His calm and laid back demeanor, along with his wit had him making fast friends with some of the other youths around his age for the Turns to come that he lived there.

One of these proved to be an older girl, to whom Mrovazny was immediately head over heels in love with. Or, as his mother use to whisper amusedly to her husband: a harmless youthful crush. Mrovazny took it fairly seriously, already nearing his twentieth Turn by then but fate would deal him a rather upsetting blow. While helping his father with some routine work with the local herds, Mrovazny was seriously injured when one of the herdbeasts panicked and he was caught in the way while trying to round up and capture the animal. Serious though his injuries were, the Healers proclaimed he would mend just fine and he just needed time. Bedridden for most of the healing period, when at last he was strong enough to resume more active work, Mrovazny discovered that his love interest had moved on with another.

Disappointed and hurt, he does his best to try and move on — literally. Mrovazny makes the decision then to Apprentice to the Beastcraft, much to his parent’s delight. At first, he takes to his studies well but his motivation begins to wane. Figuring a bit of change of pace was in order, Mrovazny’s father decides to take his son with him on an important trip to High Reaches Weyr. And it certainly did inspire Mrovazny, but not at all in the way his parents had expected! In the end he decides to stay on in the Weyr as a stablehand, rather than pursue his Craft and that news did not go down well at all with his father. Despite his choice being respected (if very grudgingly), Mrovazny’s decision causes a bit of a rift between himself and his family and one that does not seem to be on the mend regardless of the Turns that passed.

Weyr life was unusual for a holdbred and Craft raised Mrovazny, but he adjusted over time. He made a few friends, but never allowed any to become too close and while still an outgoing young man, he was also a bit aloof and preferred to keep to himself outside of work or chores. Just shy of turning twenty five Turns, another twist of fate was handed to him and he was Searched to Stand for a clutch in Turn 753. Mrovazny accepted, much to the shock of his parents when they received the news and the rift continued to widen, with his father the most disappointed of all in his youngest son. All hopes of Mrovazny ever deciding to return to his Craft or even his job as stablehand were severed on Hatching Day when he Impressed bronze Zhirazoth.

Weyrlinghood proved to be a wake up call for Mrovazny — now Mr’az — as Zhirazoth would challenge him in ways he never expected to be. The first months were tumultuous as the bond between him and his lifemate formed and steadied, but as their training progressed they found their niche and lessons continued with some normalcy. For each challenge that came his way, he overcame it, along with Zhirazoth at his side. No more the indecisive young man he once was, Mr’az has just begun his life as a dragonrider and with Weyrlinghood drawing to a close, he waits to see where fate draws him, and Zhirazoth, next.

Thoughts About Others

Nyalle - A good friend, someone he respects and trusts and has known for some Turns now, prior to both their Impressions from the same clutch.

Firmin - Close acquaintance, he's coming to actually treat the Tillek Seacrafter as a friend though their paths have only crossed briefly and purely by chance.

Mohria - Acquaintance, he does not know her too well and what few times recently they have crossed paths have all been tied to Firmin but he is in good standings with her.


Name Relation Location Position
Rovan Father High Reaches Hold Journeyman Beastcrafter
Miazny Mother High Reaches Hold Journeyman Beastcrafter
Miarov Brother (Older) Beastcraft Hall Sr. Apprentice Beastcrafter


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