Dragon Mwoth
Rank Weyrleader
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position n/a
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Tillek Hold
Birthdate n/a
Model n/a

O'mohe stands tall, shoulders straight and back and businesslike. He appears to be around (current age) turns, tall form well muscled and toned from the rigors of being a dragon rider. His face is rather oval, eyes dark blue and piercing, while nose juts out prominently over thin pale lips. He cheeks are slightly sunken and ears dimple out framed by well kept, short cut jet black hair.
He usually wears a clean well cut shirt of singular color with minimal decoration beneath a near ever present leather riding jacket. Heavy dark gray pants are buckled in tightly around his waist with a large silver clasp of two dragons flying. Calf length, highly polished black boots and a teardrop turquoise pendant finish off the attire. The intricate weyrleaders knot is snug around his shoulder bearing the colors of the 'reaches and a thick bronze strand for his dragon.


Osimohen was born in Tillek Hold. His father works under the captain on a well known fishing vessel and his mother worked tending children in the hold. He had a fairly normal childhood for one in the seahold until at the age of nine when his mother died in childbirth with his last full sibling. He mourned for nearly a year, having been very attached to his mother. His father eventually married another, Trisilla, and had several more children. As he grew up he hung around the ship yards and helped gut and clean fish and mend nets for the fleet. He always expected to follow his father's fishing tradition and was quite surprised to be searched at the age of fourteen. It was a bit of luck really, the ship he had been working on delayed by an incoming storm just when the searchriders came. A pretty little green by the name of Nsalith took interest in him.

High Reaches Weyr was very overwhelming to the teenager, with many foreign customs that made him at first very aloof from the weyrbrats and long time residents. He didn't mingle well with the other candidates that were brought in over the sevendays and was quite relieved when the hatching came about. He stood stiffly in his white robe, why the heck they ever choose white *grimace* he'll never know but it didn't matter much for a hatchling found him quite acceptable, in fact Stubbornly Diligent Bronze Mwoth would choose no other but the now named O'mohe. He really hadn't expected to impress but his whole world changed in that one instant. The Weyr was suddenly his new, permanent home and he grew much accustomed, and in fact, began to enjoy weyrlife. Weyrlinghood was rough, but otherwise uneventful. He was groomed with the other bronzerider of the clutch for the roles they would someday play in leading a wing, or even the Weyr.

He spent two turns in a wing after graduation before he was tapped to be wingsecond when an older bronzerider retired from active duty. Seven turns later in a shuffling of the wings he managed to position himself and be tapped for Wingleader, it was about four turns after that, much to the surprise of the Weyr that his Mwoth caught Sazey's Xaeth in her leadership flight and thus he became Weyrleader. A position he has skillfully, if a bit heavy-handedly held since then.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Selinhe Mother deceased Nursery
Tholamont Father Tillek Hold Deck hand
Trisilla StepMother Tillek Hold Cook's assistant


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