Dragon Enolth
Rank Assistant weyrlingmaster
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Brownrider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace FisherCraft Hall
Birthdate 10.8.731
Model Bret Harrison

A man slightly taller then average height, P'wyn seems nothing more then the average rider. He's healthy and fit, as any rider would be, with a nice spread of shoulders and the muscles to go with hours of hard work. His face is a bit on the plain side. A very midrange nose sits nicely in the center of a lean, rectangular face. His slate blue eyes are set a bit on the close side and the brow protrudes just enough to give him a hint of an eye ridge of his own. He's got light brown hair which is very straight and cut in a typical short male cut. The ends are often sticking outwards randomly as though he'd just rolled out of bed. He always looks as if he's just on the edge of needing a shave but he never sports any real facial hair. His hands are worn and callused and there's a long jagged scar on his left forearm from some past injury.

P'wyn tends to be dressed for comfort and the weather. Currently he's sporting a pair of dark brown wherhide pants, cut somewhat tight for better support during flight, a cream linen shirt topped by a dulled old blue sweater of indeterminate variety, good solid leather boots and a long, brown leather coat. On the coat is his rider's knot with a string of brown for his lifemate.


Penwyn was born the third in a family of six and was so quickly nicknamed Pen that he never answers to his regular name. One of many fisher families at the FisherCrafthall, Penwyn learned many of the jobs required to man a fishing vessel but never took to the seas. His father was a Master Captain, but when it became clear that Pen would never find his sea legs, he was sent to work with his journeyman builder mother. Here he faired somewhat better, though he was never really happy and with his rebellious nature, was constantly in trouble. Search riders came to the crafthall just after his 15 turnday and to everyone's relief took the young man away with them to High Reaches weyr. The hatching day came and Pen impressed a rebellious brown by the name of Enolth, making him P'wyn and they the most difficult pair in recent memory. Weyrlinghood was rough for the pair as neither is naturally responsive to authority. After a few turns spent trying to fit into a wing, the wingleader sent him to assist with some weyrlings in frustration and to all’s surprise, P'wyn found his calling. Since then he's been acting as an assistant weyrlingmaster.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Maraline Mother Tillek, FisherCraft Hall Journey Shipbuilder
Lance Father Tillek, FisherCraft Hall Master Captain
Older Brother Tillek, FisherCraft Hall Journey Shipbuilder
Marcus Older Brother deceased Journeyman Fisher
Christa Younger Sister deceased child
Younger Sister Tillek Hold cook
Younger Sister Tillek, FisherCraft Hall child


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