Dragon Stelinth
Rank weyrling
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Brownrider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate n/a
Model n/a

Rosy strands fall haphazardly from this young man’s head, no rhyme or reason to the way it falls down to the tops of his broad shoulders. A light array of freckles adorns his cheeks and just across his nose, barely noticeable unless eyes wander a little too close to this round face. His body is average in height and build, nothing stands out above the rest of his form but his bright blue eyes.
Covering such features is a shirt of thick grey material. The sleeves have been rolled up, just above the elbows to stay out of the way. Rarely is this button down shirt tucked in, yet when it is, the material reveals work pants. These work pants are nothing more that a simple ashen pair, pockets rest along side the hips for things of safe keeping. Just below these pockets, the pants are torn and tattered at the cuffs, revealing worn boots upon strong feet.


Pavel was one of the many children fostered within the weyr, growing up in the caverns and getting into mischief until he reached his teens. As he grew older, he pulled away from his childhood friends and their current antics to settle into a more manageable daily routine: working in the kitchens. Fretfully, he isn’t a very good cook at all, but he is decent enough at helping with the preparations and moving things from one location to the next without too much trouble. Here he resides to this day, the typical male equipped with an apron.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Vela Mother High Reaches Weyr
Pador Father High Reaches Weyr


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