Dragon n/a
Rank n/a
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Messenger
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Birthdate n/a
Model Isaac Hempstead Wright

Long, lean, and lanky; he's just a collection of limbs haphazardly attached to a twig of a body. His hair is a shock of black that obeys no master. His eyes are large, dark brown, and set in a face that's only now starting to lose the roundness of childhood. The rest of him is mostly tanned skin - either by genetic inclination or a life spent outdoors - and a dusting of dirt despite his best efforts to keep clean.

His clothing is utilitarian, typically dusty, and generally in a variety of boring hues. Cloaks and gloves and hoods serve their purpose in colder weather; the rest of the time finds him in tunics, trousers, and well-worn boots.


Paynal is the third full-blooded child of an Igen-born laundress and her bluerider weyrmate. Though he certainly has a slew of half-siblings throughout Pern, his father - P'lal - was far more interested in raising him and his elder brother and sister. Paynal's upbringing was fairly uneventful otherwise - he didn't prove to be an especially difficult youth, though he did enjoy running and hunting tunnelsnakes and exploring the desert when he was able.

His older sister was Searched when he was 10; she was sniffed out by none other than their father's blue, Mahacuath. She went on to Impress green Hualuhth at Igen Weyr. Scarcely two turns later, Yolapa asked to Stand - and found himself paired with a handsome blue of his own by the name of Tleototh. Of course, it only made sense; the blood of riders was strong on both sides of his family. His mother had declined to Stand in her youth and had no desire to participate in the risky lifestyle of the riderfolk.

He was raised to believe that he, too, was destined to be a rider. He never truly fantasized about it; Paynal just accepted it as fact that he, like his brother and sister, would Stand and Impress the first time he set foot on the hatching sands.

Disaster struck when he turned 14 - a particularly bad 'Fall caught his father's blue, as well as his brother and sister. Though all of them survived, none survived intact: his father's dragon was crippled, his sister left mostly blind and his brother lost an arm in a tragedy that merely served to underscore his mother's fears. She flatly refused when he asked her if he could Stand. She continued that refusal for a full turn.

His burgeoning bitterness at being denied the chance at his destiny sent the young man on the run.

And how he ran.

The hows and whys of his arrival at High Reaches Weyr are ultimately immaterial; he found his way there, one way or another, and now seeks to secure his proper place in history.

Also, he just really likes dragons because they're awesome. But, hey.

Thoughts About Others


Name Relation Location Position
Yalayna Mother Igen Weyr Laundress
P'lal Father Igen Weyr Rider to blue Mahacuath
Layna Sister Igen Weyr Rider to green Hualuhth
Y'apa Brother Igen Weyr Rider to blue Tleototh


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