Dragon Aronth
Rank weyrling
Craft Weaver
Craft Rank Apprentice
Position Bluerider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Keroon
Birthdate n/a
Model n/a

Safiya wears her wavy blonde hair to just past her shoulders, letting it frame her fair-skinned face when not tidily bound up. She's cute rather than beautiful, with blue eyes, deep-set dimples and a smile that holds surprisingly straight teeth. Perhaps in her mid-to-late teens, she's built to slim lines, curves hinted at rather than displayed outright.


Safiya is the second-youngest of six children born to a Journeyman Beastcrafter and his wife. It was a difficult marriage: Kaydel was a man more focused on his career than his family, and Ellisann had been the much-pampered daughter of a wealthy landholder in the Benden region. Kaydel was happiest on the road, and his craft indulged him in this, sending him all over the region, sometimes for months at a time.

His family initially lived at the Beastcraft Hall at Keroon, but as the turns went by, and Kaydel was home less and less often, Ellisann finally made the decision to move her children back to her father's home; at least, there, she would be with family. Safiya was five at the time, and thus has only vague recollections of her time at Keroon.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, they saw even less of Kaydel after that - eventually, he stopped writing altogether. But Safiya and her siblings were indulged by their grandparents, and raised with advantages they might not otherwise have had; her older sisters made good marriages, and her one brother was apprenticed to the vintners.

Always a creative child - and a dreamer - it didn't surprise anyone when Safiya indicated that she had a preference towards apprenticing, too, rather than joining her sisters in marriage: she wanted to be a weaver. And so it was, when she was thirteen, that she joined the weavers as a tailor, leaving her family behind. Three turns later, she was posted to High Reaches Weyr to continue her apprenticeship with one of the Journeymen posted there.

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Name Relation Location Position
Ellisann Mother Benden Hold Resident
Kaydel Father Keroon Jman Beastcrafter
Brother Benden
Sister Benden
Sister Benden
Sister Benden
Sister Benden


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