Dragon Xaeth
Rank Weyrwoman
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position n/a
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Coldmeadow
Birthdate 01.04.717
Model n/a

She's shorter woman, standing only an inch over five feet and with a body type that tends toward plumpness. She's got wispy dark brown hair that hangs straight, cut to follow the curve of her chin and a fine fringe of bangs that shadow her dark hazel eyes. The rest of her face is very rounded, from a smaller pug nose and rounded apple cheeks to the twin dimples just on either side of her chin.
She's wearing a loose heavy weight cotton flannel top dyed an improbable purplish color, with large wood buttons and long sleeves. Her pants are linen, dyed a dark brown and very loose except for the waist and cuffed at the hem and only allowing the toes of her dark leather boots to show. Fastened to her right shoulder is the knot for High Reaches Weyr's Senior Weyrwoman, threaded through with a strand of antique gold.


The only child of Sevrit, the head of Coldmeadow, a very small cothold in a tiny vale near to High Reaches Weyr. Her mother is Nolajin, Greenrider to Belthesath of Ista Weyr. They met in Nerat when Sevrit was seeking help to save his unsuccessful cothold. Ten months later Nolajin brought the infant Sazey to Sevrit and hasn't been back to see her since. As Sevrit is unmarried, Sazey spent much of her early life alone. With the cothold failing, few young families or children remained and Sazey was one of only a handful of children there. As a quiet, rather bookish child she kept to herself and out of most mischief although she did become rather adept at avoiding her father. Though not cruel or abusive, Sevrit was weighted down by his responsibilities and it made him a hard, distant authoritarian. Even as she moved into her teen years, Sazey avoided doing anything that would focus attention on her, concentrating instead on being the daughter she was expected to be and when asked to start standing for High Reaches by N'ryl and green Pyvth, she jumped at the chance. Her life changed when just after her fifteenth turnday, Kasath's latest clutch on the sands broke shell and her life turned upside down. It was that day that she meet autumn leaves gold Xaeth.

With the death of Weyrwoman Reena in childbirth followed some turns later by young Xaeth's first flight, Sazey found herself in the position of acting Weyrwoman at the tender age of 18 but unconfirmed until 21. For the next twelve turns, Xaeth rose two more times and was caught by a different, but older and experienced bronze each time. The Weyr was in constant flux as Weyrleaders came and went, changing policy each time and a combination of youth and personality prevented Sazey from ever interfering. In their eighteenth turn as senior pair, yet another bronze caught Xaeth, a surprise young pair this time, making O'mohe the new Weyrleader. To the relief of the Weyr, this pairing proved stable and though no emotional attachment ensued, Sazey and O'mohe have remained the leaders to this day.

Sazey is at heart a somewhat selfish and self-absorbed individual. Her primary goal in life is that she and Xaeth always be happy. This does not mean she’s an ineffectual leader. She meets her duties quickly and well so as to have more time for her varied hobbies. But she is very traditional, viewing the responsibilities of Weyrwoman as home and hearth, as such, rarely has any input into how her Weyrleader runs the wings. Sazey dearly loves children but her continued childless state has become something of an obsession with her. She regularly switches partners in hopes of conceiving and uses her influence as Weyrwoman to nag residents and riders alike into breeding more children. Currently her other hobbies include pleasure reading and cooking. She’s unfortunately not a very good cook and periodically drives the kitchen staff to distraction by taking over the kitchen to ‘experiment’.

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Name Relation Location Position
Sevrit Father Coldmeadow holder
Nolajin Mother Ista Weyr Wingrider of Green Belthesath


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