Dragon Nuaeth
Rank Weyrling
Craft N/A
Craft Rank N/A
Position Weyrling
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate Turn 740
Model Boyd Holbrook

Tall and athletically built, his lean and toned body speaks of an active life. Dirty blonde hair is kept shorter along the sides and back of his head but left longer, wavy and tousled on top. Thin brows rest above his bright, intense blue eyes and his greek-style nose and a thin lipped mouth complete his well balanced features. His jaw is broad but tapers at a sharp angle to a strong chin.

A man of impeccable tastes, his choice of outfit changes seemingly from day to day though most of the time he changes at least one aspect of his clothing. Tunics of varying styles and varieties, always coupled with a vest or sweater or jacket that best matches it and fits him perfectly. His pants are tailored and form fitting and he wears a pair of sturdy black boots, always well tended to and with minimal scuffing. On his shoulder, he wears the corded knot of Resident, braided with High Reaches Weyr’s colors.


Born in High Reaches Weyr as a result of a brief, heated and romantic tryst between T’oros, his bronzerider father and Eotheliss, his young mother who was once a Candidate but was left Standing, only to later pursue her Craft with the Weavers. Shortly lived was his parents affair and his mother tended to him for as best she could and with as much love as she could spare. Motherhood warred with other desires however and Sevornos was fostered young and left in the care of the Weyr while Eotheliss sought out her path in the Weavercraft.

If he has any siblings, Sevornos is not aware and does not seem to show much interest. The Weyr is his ‘family’, the other various fostered children and youth his ‘siblings’ and so he spent most of his young Turns not wanting and feeling loved enough by any who’d spare him the time. He was rambunctious as a child, prone to mischief if he was left idle too long. Even in his youth, he had a sharp tongue and rather self-important attitude that only grew with time rather than be checked or diminished. Soon he had the reputation of being egotistical and arrogant, despite his low-rung rank within the Weyr. Among the youths he developed his own clique, which truthfully was perhaps the two souls who could stomach and understand Sevornos’ growing ego and vain attitude.

Its not that he was cruel, but Sevornos does not censor his remarks and it landed him in a few scuffles as a young lad, especially when he tried to reign superiority over others he felt he could push around a bit. So it’s no wonder that he soon became notorious for being difficult to work with and many were left scratching their heads in trying to find work and chores that would keep Sevornos busy but could be done alone. Whether that was what lead him to his position as Messenger or the fact that he actually showed skill for it, by the time he was fifteen Turns he was often sent on short runs and excelled at it. However, with a Pass looming, even one as self-important as Sevornos knew he would have to try to find another line of work and fast.

Briefly he dabbled as an artist and showed some skill, but with supplies being costly (or just plain hard and impossible to find), he soon gave up that goal. Aside from his narcissistic personality, Sevornos showed a rather diverse taste in clothing and while he spent most of his efforts on himself, he did show some promise with his mending and sewing skills. Whatever he could find from the stores or discarded clothes, he would use and yet when some mentioned a path towards the Weavercraft, the young man only scoffed and made some snarky, dismissive remark. Now into his seventeenth Turn, Sevornos continues on with his duties as a messenger and is no closer to finding an alternative path. Motivation is the lacking force, but for now the youth is content with life, as simple as it is.


"Sunstreaker — speed limit."
"Oh, c'mon! Bad enough I gotta share my upholstery with a species that sheds skin on a regular basis, but now I gotta super-size the experience?" — Sunstreaker to Ironhide

Vain, arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic — this is how many will perceive Sevornos and he is glad of it. For he is convinced he is the best, even if he is nothing more than the messenger he is. For all his ego, he has NO motivation or lofty goals for life. His thoughts are all of himself; all his motivations are self-centered and benefitting. If he’s moved to do anything, it is only because he feels it will elevate his self worth and image even higher. For that reason he often causes tension between himself and others, which only delights him.

"Don't kid yourself — this face is worth more than you are." — Sunstreaker

However, he will never intentionally hurt anyone else — not too bad, anyhow. If he feels he’s gone to far he will back off, yet still attempt to gain the upper hand. He is difficult to work with, but those who can hold firm to their resolve will find that Sevornos is nothing more than a braggart and many of his abbrasive quirks are borne of insecurities and as shields. He cannot trust easily and so allows no one close enough. He feels worthless and so builds himself up with false confidences. He is young and hot headed, left too long without a goal or deep rooted motivation to guide him.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
T'oros Father High Reaches Weyr Wingrider
Eotheliss Mother Weavercraft Hall Journeyman


OOC Notes

S'eos has an abrasive personality ICly but it does NOT reflect the player's opinions or personality. Most times he will be kept toned down, unless all players in the scene are of agreement and understanding.


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