Dragon Ruebalith
Rank Jr. Weyrwoman
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Jr. Weyrwoman
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Unknown
Birthdate 742.09.13
Model Sonakshi Sinha

She is an exquisite thing, composed of slender lines and preternatural grace - fitting for one who is blossoming into full womanhood. Her hair is a liquid fall of black that falls to mid-thigh, oft-framing a face that's oval-shaped and serene in its composition. Her eyes are almond-shaped and slightly tilted, a deep blue in color to contrast the rich, bronze tones of her skin. Her eyebrows are sharply arched and well-matched to the narrow blade of her noise. Her cheekbones, too, are distinctive; high and pronounced to pair well with the supple sweep of her lushly-lipped mouth.
Her build is a dancer's build, lean and lithe and long of neck and limb. At least, it would be more obvious were it not for the layering of clothing meant to keep her warm. A rider's jacket - without a knot or any other insignia on it - is worn over a thick sweater. This is matched with heavy trousers, sturdy - if well-worn - boots, and rider's gloves to complete the ensemble. Her knot is a High Reaches weyrling knot, threaded through with gold.


Her story begins some time before her mother moved to High Reaches.

The precise placement of her birth is immaterial; it's the circumstances that matter. For, before High Reaches, there was Ista - and that's where Shakti's Ixtabith rose. The resulting clutch was hardly noteworthy, much like the bronze that sired it, but L'jai was something special.

It was out of him that Shakti had her second - and last child: Shailaja.

A turn later and Shakti transferred to High Reaches. Scarcely four turns - and one clutch - later, Shakti's son Brekhi died of a particularly brutal flu. Distraught, she made the move back to Ista with her daughter and raised her as only an overprotective mother could.

This, then, is where Shailaja's story truly starts.

She learned much from her mother, particularly in the ways of gambling and the other illicit arts of her Bitran heritage. She also discovered a latent artistic skill of a sort that was only roughly hewn in Shakti - but fully realized in L'jai's hands. She learned how to make paint and stretch canvas from her father, as well as how to sketch and draw.

Shailaja, ever a dreamer, begged her mother to let her stand when she turned fourteen - but she was denied. For every clutch thereafter, she pleaded for the chance - but Shakti pulled every string she had to ensure that her daughter wouldn't be tied down with the weighty responsibilities of riderhood without first having lived her real life.

Naturally, this didn't settle well with Shailaja.

She ran away, aided by L'jai, and finds herself now in the very Weyr that had claimed her brother's life.

She Stood for one clutch - but was left Standing.

The second time she Stood was for none other than her mother's gold's clutch - and, worst of all: she Impressed gold Ruebalith.

Shakti is not amused.

Thoughts About Others

Eodarin - as close to a friend as any she's made at the 'Reaches.


Name Relation Location Position
Shakti Mother Ista Weyr Goldrider to gold Ixtabith
L'jai Father Ista Weyr Bronzerider to bronze Ahcath
Brekhi Brother N/A Deceased

Flights and Clutches

Flight Date Type Chasers Winner Clutch Date Results PC/NPC Hatch Date
761.01.?? (01/27/2016) Off-Camera Random Bronze Unvreth 761.02.?? (03/11/2016) 28 eggs - 2 bronze, 6 brown, 11 blue, 9 green NPC 761.03.28 (04/16/2016)


Title OOC Date Cast
Graduation! January 19, 2016 Ed'ard, Eodarin, Shailaja, Sh'wn
A Bad 'Fall July 26, 2016 Ariah, Eodarin, S'eos, Shailaja

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