Dragon n/a
Rank Resident
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Seamstress
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate 238.10.19
Model n/a

Tralisea wears her medium brown hair short, styled in a messy pixie cut that suits the natural wave of her ragged locks. Long dark lashes and thin, arched brows accent her hazel eyes while her slender, flared nose offsets the fullness of her cheeks and square jaw. Her lips are neither thick nor thin and fairly pale, a soft shade that complements her light skin tone.

Tralisea's shoulders and hips are the widest points of her body, which isn't saying much, and her waist is slender even for her frame. Her arms and legs are long and lean, muscles clearly defined when exposed but less tan than her face, which gets the most sun. Overall she might be called willowy - above average in height with a slender build, all delicate bone structure and sleek muscles. To her chagrin this means she has little in the way of bust and almost no curvature to her rear; only the sheer femininity of her face keeps her from being mistaken for a boy instead of a young woman.

Tralisea usually wears simple pairings of blouse and skirt, each carefully selected to avoid conflict between her coloring and the cloth. Her blouses tend to be of the long sleeved variety with square necklines of a modest cut. Her skirts are modest as well, full-bodied and falling to her ankles, allowing only her favored slippers or half-boots to peek out. She generally wears rich colors when possible, especially jewel tones, as they best compliment her skin tones, and she steers clear of washed out colors completely.

Tralisea wears the simple knot of a resident of High Reaches Weyr prominently displayed on her shoulder.


Tralisea was Lisera's first child, though her father T'vin, rider of bronze Limith, already had two other children when the girl was conceived. Lisera came to the Weyr as a holdbred lass, Searched as a teen for the gold egg that graced High Reaches' sands in Turn 735 but never managing to Impress; refusing to open her mind to the possibility of a green or blue dragon as a partner and not meeting the standards of either of the golds hatched during her time as a candidate she was left standing after each hatching. By the time Sazey's Xaeth rose in her maiden flight in Turn 738, when Lisera was eighteen, the laundress had set her sights on attracting a man of rank to secure her comfort at the Weyr; though she still had a few Turns of opportunity as a candidate ahead of her she had no interest in continuing to work on the laundry as she had been since her arrival, desiring to rise above her peers and be someone of note.

It's no surprise then that Lisera was less than pleased to find herself pregnant not long after the flight, especially by such an uninspired bronzerider; he wasn't even a wingsecond, for Faranth's sake, and if it hadn't been for the influence of the queen's mating she never would have bedded him in the first place. The only good thing Lisera has ever credited Tralisea with was keeping her off the Sands for a clutch that contained no gold, sparing the self-centered woman from dealing with the ever-eager candidates for no cause. Following her daughter's birth, which came on the nineteenth day of the tenth month of Turn 738, Lisera made a point of weaning the girl as soon as possible and placing her into the care of the Weyr's nursery without hesitation. While Lisea still didn't manage to attract the gold that hatched from Xaeth's clutch of Turn 743 she did at least manage to attach a suitable rider as a partner, leaving her no reason to give further thought to the daughter she had borne.

Where Lisera was a feckless mother, caring naught for her child and giving her up without a moment's hesitation, T'vin was far more interested in his progeny. His older children, a boy some five Turns older than Tralisea and a girl two Turns her senior, had both had the benefit of his loving attention as often as his duties allowed and the bronzerider would not permit Tralisea to be the exception. While he could not devote time to raising her with his duties to his dragon and wing, he did visit her frequently, treating her to what gifts of affection he could provide. She grew quickly from infant to toddler and on to young girl, always knowing she could rely on her father to be there, if not exactly when she wanted him, soon enough to satisfy her desires for his attention.

When Tralisea reached an age to begin taking on regular duties she gravitated toward working with the same clothing her mother so disdained. Unlike Lisera, however, Tralisea's work led her on the path of mending, not cleaning, as she learned the tasks of a seamstress. She wasn't any kind of genius with needle in thread, which would be why she never considered seeking apprenticeship with the Weaver craft. Still, her skills were enough to contribute to the Weyr, mending damaged clothing and adjusting seams and hems to improve fit in the standard garb made available to all Weyr residents. Such tasks made up the majority of her day to day chores, mixed in with the usual blend of random tasks that need more hands to complete.


Name Relation Location Position
T'vin (Travin) Father High Reaches Weyr Rider of Bronze Limith
Lisera Mother High Reaches Weyr Laundress
Sal'vin (Salvorin) Half-Brother High Reaches Weyr Rider of Blue Wemleth
Traysii Half-Sister High Reaches Weyr Kitchen Worker
Kitrin Half-Sister High Reaches Weyr Scribe


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Appearance reference: similar to Anne Hathaway or Keira Knightly with a shaggy pixie cut


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