Dragon Kalendaeth
Rank Wingrider
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position Bronzerider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate 10.12.727
Model n/a

Ya'ri is a wiry looking man of about [age] Turns. His clever warm-grey and deep set eyes miss little. Hair that might have been blonde in childhood has darkened to a sandy brown hue, although some blonde highlights remain to be discovered by those who are especially close, or especially observant. His jawline is broad, and sharply angled but it stands at odds with the rest of his face which is round and jovial. There's some signs of ease and leisure in his rounded cheeks that carry perhaps a bit too much fat. Wiry he may be, but the strength of a rider is there, hidden in the easy smoothness of his muscles. Laugh lines have begun to invade the space around his eyes, although they only appear now and then at his age, surely as he gets older they will take up a more permanent place there. Those who have heard him talk will discover perhaps his most startling feature, a booming baritone voice that seems to carry without much effort from the owner, and sometimes, carries when the owner would rather have it not do so, if the truth be told.

Ya'ri is wearing his flying leathers. They look well-fit and quite servicable. Soft wherhide trousers are tucked into calf-high and fur-lined boots of the same material. A heavy wherhide tunic sits closest to his skin and is covered by his flying jacket which is also fur-lined. The front of the jacket overlaps, when fastened, to better keep out the cold of between. The wide belt supports many loops upon which fighting straps can be attached. To ensure complete protection, the gloves that protect his hands have been tucked under the sleeves of his jacket. He seems to have taken pains to make sure everything is fastened properly and none of his skin is exposed.


Yahlenri was born to brownrider Fr'line and cotholder Emeira, third in the birth order behind his older brother and sister Emmaline. Early on in his young life, Fr'line was killed in a training accident, and Emeira moved the whole family back to her home cothold, where she was to have, in the course of time, seven more children by Yahlenri's step-father. Though it wsan't too long before the weyr intruded on her life again. Her daughter Emmaline was Searched for the gold egg in Xaeth's clutch, and she was sent to the weyr. Emeira sent Yahlenri along with her, even though the boy was younger than his sister. At the weyr Yahlenri did his best to apply the Healing skill he had begun to develop, while Emma went through Candidacy. And on Hatching day she did impress - but not gold. She impressed green. Yahlenri decided to stay, in part because Weyr life seemed to suit him, and in part because he hoped to strengthen the bond with his sister. It only worked to some degree, with Emmaline being such a free spirit, but he did manage to help her through Weyrlinghood, to the degree she would tolerate it. When it came time for Yahlenri to return to the cothold, the drought was in full swing and Emeira insisted the boy stay at the weyr and use their resources rather than come home to the cothold's uncertainty and scarcity. Yahlenri did, and then to his surprise he was searched for Feyruth's first clutch. There he found his lifemate in bronze Kalendaeth.

So it is that Ya'ri and Kalendaeth find themselves together. Ya'ri has a reputation for being a quietly capable rider who gets the job done without being loud about it. Occasionally, he has flashes of true genius in his flying, and in his limited work in the infirmary but they are more of a happy accident than any excess of talent. He is more of a kind to slowly wear down obstacles in his way, applying a steady pressure toward his goals knowing that the world will conform in due time. For this reason, he's seen as level-headed, patient, and reliable by his friends — and entirely too cautious and over-thinking by others. There can be no denying though, if you give him a job, it gets done — sometimes a little later than expected.

Thoughts About Others

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Name Relation Location Position
Family Member's Name How are you related? Where do they live? What do they do?
Emeira Mother in the cothold Holder's wife
Fr'line Father deceased Wingrider of brown Werth
Older Full Brother in the cothold Farmer
Emmaline Sister High Reaches Weyr Wingrider to green Nadiath
Younger half siser in the cothold Herder
Younger half Brother in the cothold Farmer
Younger half Brother in the cothold Farmer
Younger half sister in the cothold child
Younger half Brother in the cothold child


Title OOC Date Cast
An Early Start April 07, 2013 Chandi, Emmaline, Mr'az, O'mohe, Ya'ri

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