Dragon Unvreth
Rank weyrlingmaster
Craft Healer
Craft Rank Apprentice
Position bronzerider
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Birthdate 74.06.17
Model n/a

Yh'val is an average looking person, who is starting to show a bit of age. He has short cropped caramel brown hair speckled by strands of gray, which looks semi-regal at night. Under sunlight the strands of red and yellow hide most of the encraoching gray. Rather deep green eyes sit in a rounded face with a softly distinguished chin. Nose is slightly pointed, and lips below fairly average. He is slightly below the average height, but well muscled from the rigors of dragonriding. His skin looks weathered but healthy. Yh'val looks to be around 40 turns, 11 months, and 26 days old.
His current attire looks well used. These are the everyday clothes to live and work in, without being his stuffy riding leathers. Pants washed so many times the color has faded into a grayed brown-black are held up by a thin brown leather belt with a rather shiny silver buckle. Ankle high leather boots protect his feet well enough, deduced from the numerous scuff marks upon them. His shirt is blue-green, covered by a dark purplish vest bearing only the lightest of embroidery along the neckline and four dark buttons down the front. A thin copper bracelet is settled about his left wrist.


Yh'val was born turns ago in the infirmary at the tropical Ista Weyr. His mother, Kamia, worked as a seamstress. His father, Y'aldon, was a brownrider at the Weyr. Yh'val grew up quite content as a weyrbrat, enjoying perhaps a bit to much sweets and treats, but keeping out of to much trouble. While he developed a neat hand for stitching, his mothers occupation wasn't quite for him. Of greater influence were the Weyr's healers, and around the age of fourteen he finally got an official apprenticeship from the Weyr's Master Healer. As an apprentice he did mostly small tasks, cleaning, preparation and assisting the journeymen and masters. He had a difficult time learning the voluminous information related to the craft at first, until his reading and writing skills came up to requirement. He was searched when he was fifteen and eagerly stood, although no hatchling looked to him. Disappointed he returned to the infirmary and continued his studies, learning to treat the common Weyr injuries and even getting a chance to help with some of the rarer dragon injuries. At the age of twenty, he again found no partner on Ista's grounds and feeling that another clutch was unlikely before he was to old to stand again he requested a transfer to stand with one of his cousins at High Reaches who had a queen due to soon clutch from an unexpected flight. His request was granted and without hesitation the second hatchling to emerge, the Lord of the Wild Hunt Bronze Unvreth found him.

Knowing only a handful of people at High Reaches when he impressed, weyrlinghood was off to an awkward start. Weyrlinghood began doubly roughly, as Unvreth enjoyed ruling, rather than being ruled, and in his very first day it seems he managed to get on the wrong side of far to many folks. How can one baby dragon be so troublesome! Thankfully, Yh'val's comforting healer skills came in very handy as he worked hard to smooth out the chaos left in the wake of his new partner. One alliance he did form early in his weyrlinghood was with the only other bronze of the clutch. In a unique position to both sympathise and appreciate being a bronzerider, O'mohe. The weyrlingmaster at the time saw a great potential in these two bronzeriders and they were groomed together for future leadership. A injury to Unvreth late in his weyrlinghood held the two back from graduating until the pair were nearly two turns old.

It wasn't but a turn after that the pair became wingseconds, continuing the path they had been started upon. Yh'val celebrating as he managed to be first over O'mohe. Their freidnly rivalry continued, O'mohe managing his own climb became Wingleader a turn before Yh'val managed to form his own small wing. And so it continued… That's not to say the two are particularly friends, more like friendly rivals with a unqiue alliance through the turns. When O'mohe's bronze Mwoth caught Xaeth in 751 it wasn't much of a surprise that the new Weyrleader turned to Yh'val, somehow convincing him to step down from his coveted Wingleader post and take on the mantle of Weyrlingmaster. Handled in a firm yet sensative manner, it seems to be the perfect spot for Yh'val and he's settle dcomfortably into imprinting his and O'mohe's version of how things are and should be into the following clutches.

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Name Relation Location Position
Kamia Mother Ista Weyr Seamstress
Y'aldon Father Ista Weyr wingrider to brown Kasvith


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