Dragon Rinanneth
Rank wingrider
Craft n/a
Craft Rank n/a
Position n/a
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches cothold
Birthdate n/a
Model n/a

Short and stout is a good way to describe Z'koud, for the greenrider is a full head below average height and has the thick build typical of a farm upbringing. Had genetics not assigned him blond hair to begin with his locks would undoubtedly be bleached that color by his countless hours in the sun, clearly marked by his darkly tanned skin and perpetual squinting expression - which happens to also serve to hide to dusky brown shade of his eyes from casual observation. Between the squinting, his rough-shaven square jaw, a pock-marked complexion, and his great beak of nose he does not tend to be thought of as handsome, though he is certainly not lacking in character.


Z'koud doesn't talk much about his life before coming to the Weyr. It wasn't a bad life, really, growing up in a small cothold attached to High Reaches Hold, it just wasn't suited to Zekkoud's nature. He had no interest in farming, herding, or any of the other tasks of most use on a cothold, being far more intrigued by the rare visits from the harper tasked with teaching the cothold's children the rudimentary history, reading, and writing required for all children. When the harper was present Zekkoud spent every possible moment in his company, learning each scrap of music and history the journeyman was able to instill in him. When the harper wasn't at hand Zekkoud doggedly worked through the chores he was assigned until the man returned, always eager to switch tasks toward learning and away from the monotony of farming. Had his parents been willing to send him to a crafthall, or even foster him, Zekkoud likely would have been perfectly happy to keep ties with them, but his father was far too concerned with having every able body on-hand to improve the cothold to let his oldest son do anything other than follow in his footsteps.
When High Reaches Weyr flew on Search in Turn 743, some months after Zekkoud's twelfth Turnday, the boy saw an opportunity for escape. The Searchrider who stopped by their hold, however, had to turn him away, explaining that he could not stand until the age of fourteen. Frustrated, the youth took to studying everything he could about dragons, wanting to be sure that the next time a Searchrider came through his home he would be able to get away from his oppressive family. Early in Turn 747 his chance came as another rider arrived on Search and Zekkoud made sure to put himself forward when the Searchrider was inspecting his passel of cousins. The hardy blue responsible for Searching the cothold took a shine to Zekkoud and one of his kin, taking them both off to the Weyr to stand for Feyruth and Dhavoth's clutch. Neither of the boys impressed at that hatching and his cousin returned to the cothold to continue helping the family, but Zekkoud refused to return, instead diving into Weyr life like he had been born to it. He went on to stand for each clutch laid on High Reaches' sands thereafter and finally, in his last few months of eligibility, impressed the musically-voiced but gawky shaped green Rinanneth from Feyruth's final clutch, sired by Kaeoth, in Turn 753, becoming Z'koud.
Some might have had a peaceful transition from candidate to rider, but for Z'koud the experience was anything but smooth. Between repeated mishaps during training and the shock of Janja and Feyruth's death the pair struggled as weyrlings. Rinanneth's gawky form never smoothed out, making her awkward during ground drills and mediocre at best in flight. Slow to attain her full growth, the pair was among the last of the clutch to graduate and finally be tapped into a wing. Though Rinanneth has gained more grace in flight with practice the pair remain among the worst performers in their wing. Her Wingleader has several times hinted to Z'koud that they might be better suited to duties other than Threadfall, such as assisting the weyrlingmaster with training, serving as a messenger and Searchrider, or even supporting the Weyr's harper staff - anything that wouldn't rely as seriously on Rinanneth's less-than-stellar flying skills.

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Stalwart. Resolute. Dependable. These characteristics make up the core of Z'koud's nature, enhanced by empathy, perspicacity, and a well-developed sense of justice. His strengths are also his weaknesses, however, when too much of a good thing turns sour; resolve can turn to obstinance, valiance to foolhardiness, and justice to zealotry. He tends toward music in his free time, either listening or singing, for he has a passable baritone, though he is not particularly skilled with any instrument.


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