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Dragon n/a
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Craft Harper
Craft Rank Apprentice
Position Archivist
Home High Reaches Weyr
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Birthdate 05.07.738
Model n/a

Zillah is a tall woman with a slender build. She has waist length dark brown hair that she keeps braided close to her head, only allowing fine wisps to escape and brush against her face and neck. Bright grass green eyes, are a trifle widely spaced and framed with thick dark lashes. Her cheekbones are high and arched, while her nose is fairly wide, above full lips and a sharply pointed chin. Her complexion is fairly dark, although more golden than brown. She is wearing a pair of dark brown woven trousers that are slightly too long for her and folded up at her ankles and very dark brown leather boots. Her shirt is tunic length, and very pale green with an open collar and midlength sleeves and belted at her waist with thin dark leather belt.


illara is the fifth of her parents six children, and although she's well aware of all her siblings and her parents, she was mostly raised by her foster mother Sindara, one of her mother's friends and part of the weyr's many support staff workers. As a young child, she spent as much time as possible with her parents dragons, fascinated with them. As she grew, so did her respect for the dragons and she continued to spend as much time as possible with them, dividing what time she could between the dragons and reading her other passion. Chores were done but the very minute they were finished there was something to read or draw with in her hands and she was out in the bowl with the dragons. Sketching them sleeping, eating, bathing, getting oiled………

Always willing to help with the dragons she does so when her archivist duties permit.

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Name Relation Location Position
Kaillah Mother High Reaches Weyr weyr housekeeping
Z'thon Father High Reaches Weyr Wingrider
Sindara Foster Mother High Reaches Weyr child care


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