News - Beast Craft

Symbol: Yellow Herdbeast Head on White Background
Knot Color: Yellow

The beast crafters are the veterinarians of Pern and those that reach master’s level have that degree as final training. They are also the folks specializing in breeding for different lines and abilities in several different species. They keep track of the bloodlines and advise holders in appropriate pairings. While they are fighting the same battle as the other crafts, against the loss of knowledge as people die too soon and equipment breaks, they are blessed in a sense that many folks not in the beast craft have some small knowledge of how to treat every day illnesses and concerns on animals.

Apprentices are typically assigned to journeymen, learning what they can from them before the best of those will travel on to the major craft hall in Keroon for the chance at becoming journeymen or even masters themselves. No matter where a person chooses to end their learning with the beast craft at either the apprentice, journeyman or master level, their knowledge is appreciated by those around them.

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