News - Fisher Craft

Symbol: Sea-blue Fish on White Background
Knot Color: Sea Blue

The FisherCraft is subdivided into two main branches, shipbuilding and fishing. Fishing captains are generally Masters, with journeymen functioning as their officers and seaman, and apprentices as cabin boys and baits boys. Seamanship involves learning basic navigation, understanding winds and water currents, and studying specific coastlines, reefs and rivers. Shipbuilding is done exclusively by craftsman and includes construction and maintenance of ships and improvements on lines, sheets and sails.

Apprentice seamen are always assigned about ship to learn fishing and seamanship. They are responsible for many of the simplest shipboard tasks and learning how to read, copy, and create maps and charts. Apprentice builders work under multiple journeymen to learn each step involved in shipbuilding, as well as the physics and engineering behind design.

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