News - Harper Craft

Symbol: Blue Harp on White Background
Knot Color: Blue

Those of the harper craft do more than just provide musical entertainment for the masses of Pern. They maintain the written word, chronicles, archives and provide the basis of education for the young. They also study and maintain the law as laid down by the Charter that founded Pern as best they can under the changing times. Those folks that apprentice under the harpers are educated into writing with a fair hand, and are often drafted by others to pen letters home. As a harpers education progresses they learn diplomacy and public speaking, although with the basics of musical theory, singing and playing.

Apprentices spend most of their time at the Crafthall for specialized classes taught by masters. When they near the time to walk the tables, they may be assigned to one or more journeymen to travel Pern and learn the needs and customs of each hold.

The Harpercrafthall works very closely with the Healercrafthall and there is often some cross training that goes on between them.

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