News - Healer Craft

Symbol: Purple Caduceus on White Background
Knot Color: Purple

Like several crafts, the Healer Craft is working hard to negate the effects of time on its knowledge and instruments. Luckily, Pern was blessed with a large, natural medicine cabinet. Healing herbs are fairly abundant, including featherfern, aconite, and fellis. More so than most halls, the Healer Hall works closely with the Harper Hall to keep accurate records and give crosstraining.

Many healers, once reaching journeyman status, are sent to other areas of Pern. With many scattered about, it is nearly impossible to allow those traveling to take with them some of the few precious instruments they have remaining. While use of such things as a microscope has not been forgotten, the methods to construct these delicate instruments are no longer known to the Healers.

Currently, healers located at Healer Hall work mostly to learn and teach subjects from poultices, to empirical treatments, to other more complicated techniques. Nearly all apprentices are located at the Crafthall. Only in rare situations would an apprentice not be located there due to the length and depth of training needed. Journeymen bring these skills to those beyond the hall. Of all the Crafts, the Healers current structure most closely represents what will be adopted for all the Crafts.

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