News - Miner Craft

Symbol: Black Pick and Shovel in Saltire on White Background
Knot Color: Black

Pern is a relatively metal-poor planet. Veins of copper and iron can be found within the region of Crom and a few other areas, but small, managed mining operations are all the planet can sustain. The craft miners are responsible for rating the ore and moving it to those of the Smith craft to be smelted and worked. The craft miners often specialize in a specific type of mining; be it gems, firestone, liquid ores such as rock oil, or stone. Other materials are found and used as well. Slate can be used for building, minerals for dyes and paints and the ever crucial firestone used by the dragons against thread. The minecraft supplies most of Pern’s masons and geologists. The crafthalls also give lessons in lapidary, spelunking and mountain climbing to all interested students.

The state of the Mining Craft is currently in flux with each passing season. The various tunnels of Crom have never been considered wholly safe, despite the attention such issues receives from the crafthall. A sudden tunnel collapse can wipe away years of knowledge and craft secrets yet to be passed down. Despite a strong effort to put knowledge to more stable sources, tradition has kept too many secrets sealed with each tunnel collapse. Many of the machines used in daily operations are slowly becoming unfixable, the issue being coupled with the loss of critical knowledge. As time moves forward, those belonging to the Mining Craft work hard to find new solutions to old problems. Miners are rarely posted outside of a crafthall and are usually a closed mouth bunch. They do work closely with the Smithcraft.

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