News - Smith Craft

Symbol: Red Anvil on White Background
Knot Color: Red

The members of the Smith craft are the engineers of Pern. Many spend a good amount of time recovering knowledge lost over time, finding new solutions to old problems. Though tied closely with the Minercraft, Smithing is not just about smelting ores and shaping the resulting metals. It also encompasses glass working, pottery, woodworking and mechanics.

Apprentices spend a good amount of time doing the menial labor needed to keep Smith craft moving along. During their time in the various shops of journeymen and masters, they being to learn techniques in the many sub-crafts and slowly choose what path of Smith craft they'd like to follow. Those with problem-solving minds may go into design or even reverse engineer old technology. Folks with a delicate hand may choose to pursue glass working, learning about ceramics to lead crystal. More artistic crafters may choose woodworking and create ornaments, furniture or even toys. However, all these paths converge to create the newest technologies on Pern. With all there is to learn, it is not surprising that the Smith craft has one of the longest apprenticeships on Pern.

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