News - Weaver Craft

Lavender Bolt of Cloth on White Background (Weaver)
Lavender Needle and Spool on White Background (Tailor)
Knot Color: Light Purple/Lavender

The Weaver craft is broken into two main groups: weavers and tailors. Groups such as those that make the various dyes would fall under the category of weavers. The knowledge behind such work is also a part of weaver knowledge. This includes the mechanics of a loom, the traits and growing conditions of various raw materials, and the interactions of various plants and materials in dye making

As an apprentice, one would spend much time learning the various portions of the weaver craft while providing menial labor. This would include stirring and cooking dyes, spooling cotton, or beating sisal. Those with a steady hand would be asked to help with smaller tailor repairs. All would begin learning the various patterns passed down within the craft. As they become journeyman, weavers would begin to learn how to master the various looms, research new material for new dyes, or begin to take on commissioned tailoring. Those that are particularly artistic may take to painting cloth with dye for one of a kind pieces. Once masters, members of this craft could continue instructing newer members, designing new patterns for each season, screen-paintings and producing other fine Weaver goods.

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