Linked here are logs of roleplay that has taken place on Seven Spindles MUSH.

To add a log, input the log date into the box below and click 'New Log'; a new page will open ready for you to name and upload the log. Please be sure to put the OOC date and cast list at the top in the provided spaces! When you have saved your log, add character tags (_NAME) for each character (no dragons or NPCs!) who participated in the scene. The log will then automatically appear both on this page and in the log trackers on each character's wiki page.

Logs should only contain IC content; any pages, knot conversations, or other material not directly related to the scene should be cleaned out of the log before posting.

Log naming convention:
MMDDYYYY-# : OOC date of the log, followed by the log number (1 for the first log posted for that date, 2 for the second, and so on)

Title OOC Date Cast
Graduation! January 19, 2016 Ed'ard, Eodarin, Shailaja, Sh'wn
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